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Adriana Martinez

Adriana Martinez, Assistant Professor

Environmental Resources and Policy - SIUE Cooperative Faculty

I am a physical geographer with GIS expertise. I received a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Geosciences (2005), and a Master of Science in Geography (Fluvial Geomorphology, 2008) at Texas A&M University and a PhD in Geography (Fluvial Geomorphology, 2013) at the University of Oregon.

My research focuses on the influence of human activities along river systems. My current work examines the influence of the U.S.-Mexico Border Fence on flooding and the fluvial geomorphology of the Rio Grande River. I am also currently involved in projects regarding archaeological sites in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and environmental justice in the St. Louis Metro East.

Research Interests

  • Influence of human activities along river systems 
  • Interactions between invasive riparian vegetation and stream channels
  • Vegetation influences river systems, through the interruption and channeling of flow, and is influenced by rivers, through the timing and regularity of inundation and nutrient fluxes


  • Introduction to Physical Geography (GEOG 210)
  • Introduction to GIS (GEOG 418)
  • Applied Methods in Environmental Science (ENSC 210)
  • Environmental Science Graduate Seminar (ENSC 505/506)
  • Modeling of the Natural Environment (ENSC 573)
  • Environmental Sciences Graduate Research Design (ENSC)
  • Introduction to Geology and Physical Geography (ESCI 111)
  • Geomorphology (GEOG 315)
  • Principles of Environmental Science online (ENSC 220)