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Ruopu Li

Ruopu Li, Associate Professor

Geography and Environmental Resources

Dr. Li's research centers on the Geoinformatics for Food-Energy-Water (GeoFEW). His specific research topics include Water Resources Modeling and Management, Food-Energy-Water Nexus, Social-Hydrological Systems, Energy Geography, and Smart and Connected Communities. His research methods involve geospatial artificial intelligence, social media data mining, multispectral drones, and community surveys.


Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln             
M.S., Tianjin University
B.S., Nankai University

Selection Of Courses Taught

GEOG 401/502: Geographic Information Systems
GEOG 420/520: Advanced GIS Studies
GEOG 417/517: GIS Programming

Recent Publications

Chen, X., K. Chen, M. Wang, R. Li*, 2023. Roles of Wireless Networks in Bridging the Rural Smart Infrastructural Divide. Infrastructures. 8(11), 159.

Wu, D., R. Li*, C. Talbert, M. Edidem, B. Rekabdar, G. Wang. 2023. Classification of Drainage Crossings on High-resolution Digital Elevation Models: A Deep Learning Approach. GIScience & Remote Sensing. 60:1, 

Wu, D., R. Li*, J. Liu, N. Khan. 2023. Monitoring Algae Blooms in Small Lakes Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: A Case Study in Southern Illinois. Journal of Contemporary Water Research & Education. 177.

Li, R.*, M.M. Rahaman, L. Zhao, Z. Tang. 2021. Assessing Social Media Communication of Local Governments in Fast-growing U.S. Cities. The Professional Geographer. 73(4), 702-712.

Bhadra, S., R. Li*, D. Wu, G. Wang, B. Rekabdar. 2021. Assessing the Roles of Anthropogenic Drainage Structures on Hydrologic Connectivity Using High-resolution Digital Elevation Models. Transactions in GIS. 25(5), 2596-2611.

Alam, S., M. Gebremichael, R. Li, J. Dozier, D. Lettenmaier. 2020. Can Managed Aquifer Recharge Mitigate the Groundwater Overdraft in California’s Central Valley? Water Resources Research 56(8), e2020WR027244.

Li, R.*, K. Chen, and D. Wu. 2020. Challenges and Opportunities to Cope with Smart Divide in Rural America. Annals of the American Association of Geographers 110(2), 559-570.

Crowe, J., R. Li*. 2020. Is the Just Transition Socially Accepted? Energy History, Place, and Support for Coal and Solar in Illinois, Texas, and Vermont. Energy Research & Social Science 59, 101309.

Li, R., D. Crowe, D. Leifer, L. Zou, J. Schoof. 2019. Beyond Big Data: Social Media Challenges and Opportunities for Understanding Social Perception of Energy. Energy Research & Social Science 56, 101217.

Alam, S., M. Gebremichael, R. Li*. 2019. Remote Sensing-Based Assessment of the Crop, Energy and Water Nexus in the Central Valley, California. Remote Sensing 11(14), 1701.

Yu, H., R. Li, G. Wang, Q Wang. 2019. Current Development of Landscape Geochemistry with Support of Geospatial Technologies: A Review. Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology 49(9):745-790.

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Yan, X. W. Dong, R. Li, L. Cui, G. Zhu. 2019. Assessment and Validation of Confined Aquifer Vulnerability based on VEBHAT Method: A Case Study in Heilongjiang Province of Northeastern China. Hydrogeology Journal (accepted).

Wu, D., R. Li, F. Zhang, J. Liu. 2019. A Review on Drones-based Harmful Algae Blooms Monitoring. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. 191:211.

Li, R. and A. Monti (Eds.). 2018. Land Allocation for Biomass Crops: Challenges and Opportunities with Changing Land Use, Springer. ISBN: 978-3-319-74535-0. 

Li, R., G. Ou, M. Pun, L. Larson. 2018. Evaluation of Groundwater Resources in Response to Agricultural Management Scenarios in the Central Valley, California. Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management. 144(12).

Li, R. J. Chen. 2018. Planning the Next-Generation Biofuel Crops Based on Soil-Water Constraints. Biomass and Bioenergy. 115, 19-26.

Xiang, J., R. Li, G. Wang, Q. Wang, G., L. Xu, M. Zhang, and M. Tang. 2017. Modeling Urban PM2.5 Concentration by Combining Regression Modeling and Spectral Unmixing Analysis in a Region of Eastern China. Water, Air, & Soil Pollution. 228:250.

Wang, T., T.E. Franz, R. Li, J. You, M. Shulski, C. Ray. 2017. Analysis of effects of climate and soil on regional soil moisture spatial variability using EOFs in a semiarid region. Water Resources Research. 53 (4), 4022–4035.

Li, R., M. Pun, J. Bradley, G. Ou, J. Schneider, B. Flyr, and S. Chinta. 2016. Evaluating Hydrologically Connected Surface Water and Groundwater Using a Groundwater Model. JAWRA Journal of the American Water Resources Association, 52(3): 799-805.

Ou, G., R. Li, M. Pun, C. Osborn, J. Bradley, J. Schneider, and X. Chen. 2016. A MODFLOW Package to Linearize Stream Depletion Analysis. Journal of Hydrology, 532: 9-15.

Recent Grants

PI, $1,333,329, Converging Earth Science and Sustainability Education and Experience to Prepare Next-Generation Geoscientists. 01/2023- 12/2027, Co-PIs: H. Henson, L. Duram, J. Schoof, W. Williams. awarded by National Science Foundation.

Co-PI, $201,262, Collaborative Research: CyberTraining: Pilot: Research Workforce Development for Deep Learning Systems in Advanced GPU Cyberinfrastructure. 12/2022-11/2024, PI: T. Shu, National Science Foundation.

Co-PI, $100,000, HAB Early Mitigation by Magnetic Photocatalysts (Stage II). 07/01/2022-06/30/2024, PI: J. Liu, awarded by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

PI, $278,812, EAGER: SAI: Bridging the Smart Divide in Rural America by Understanding the Interplay of ICTs and Social Infrastructures. 09/01/2021-8/31/2023, Co-PI: J. Crowe, K. Chen, National Science Foundation.

Co-PI, $24,991, HAB Early Mitigation by Magnetic Photocatalysts. 12/01/2020-11/30/2021, PI: J. Liu, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Co-PI, $209,015, Using Multispectral Platforms to Manage Soybean Cyst Nematode. 09/01/2020-8/31/2023, PI: J. Bond, awarded by Illinois Soybean Association.

PI$170,718, Enhancing High-resolution Terrain Data Model for Improving the Delineation of Multi-scale Hydrological Connectivity. 06/01/2010-11/30/2022, Co-PI: B. Rekabdar, G. Wang, National Science Foundation.

PI, $145,900, Characterization of Groundwater Recharge Dynamics in the Unsaturated Zone Using Hydrologic Models in the Central Platte River Basin. 06/01/2018-02/29/2020, CO-PI: Gengxin Ou, Central Platte Natural Resources District.

PI, $9,982, Characterization of Harmful Algal Blooms Using Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Watershed Analysis in Southern Illinois, 03/01/2018-02/28/2019, awarded by Illinois Water Resources Center.

PI, $40,527, Social Media Footprints of Public Perception on Energy Issues and Their Policy Implications, 07/01/2017-06/30/2018, Energy Boost Seed Grant awarded by SIU Advanced Coal and Energy Research Center.

PI, $68,871, Developing IT Applications to Assist in Communicating Hydrogeologic Information for Public Engagement, 05/01/2016-08/15/2018, awarded by Nebraska Department of Natural Resources.

PI, $9,856, Geocoding Locations of Historic Reclamation Research Sites using Google Earth, 02/22/2016-07/31/2016, 11/1/2017-02/28/2018, awarded by American Society of Mining Reclamation.

Ruopu Li
Phone: 618-453-6038
Office: 4543 Faner Hall
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