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Carolyn Butts-Wilmsmeyer

Carolyn Butts-Wilmsmeyer , Associate Professor and Director of the Center for Predictive Analytics

Environmental Resources and Policy - Biological Sciences

Research Interests:

As a statistical geneticist, my research interests lie at the intersection of predictive models, plant genetics, and human health. The overall goal of my research program is to build statistical models that allow us to predict and improve plant characteristics of economic and societal importance, such as the nutritional quality of grain crops and the natural resilience of plant production systems. My current research projects include developing more predictive genomic selection techniques for complex traits and minimizing the occurrence of mycotoxin-producing fungal pathogens in grain production systems.

Research Opportunities:

Undergraduate and graduate students in my "lab" will typically work on projects that are computer- and data-oriented, and opportunities to visit field research sites where such data is collected can be arranged. My goal as an advisor is that students receive a depth of training and research experiences that makes them competitive applicants for jobs in statistical genetics, plant science, and predictive analytics. Any students interested in working in this area are welcome to contact me.

Carolyn Butts-Wilmsmeyer

Phone: 618-650-2682

Selected Publications

  • Butts-Wilmsmeyer CJ, JR Seebauer, L Singleton, and FE Below. Weather During Key Growth Stages Predicts Grain Quality and Yield of Maize. Agronomy. 2019. 9 (1), 16, doi:10.3390/agronomy9010016.
  • Butts-Wilmsmeyer CJ, et al. Changes in Phenolic Acid Content in Maize During Food Product Processing. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. 2018. 66 (13), 3378-3385.
  • Butts-Wilmsmeyer CJ, et al. High-throughput, Microscale Protocol for the Analysis of Processing Parameters and Nutritional Qualities in Maize (Zea mays L.) Journal of Visualized Experiments. 2018. 136, doi: 10.3791/57809.
  • Goodrich LV, CJ Butts-Wilmsmeyer, GA Bollero, and DE Riechers. Sequential Pyroxasulfone Applications with Fluxofenim Reduce Sorghum Injury and Increase Weed Control. Agronomy Journal. 2018. 110 (5), 1915-1924).
  • Butts-Wilmsmeyer CJ, RH Mumm, and MO Bohn. Concentration of Beneficial Phytochemicals in Harvested Grain of US Yellow Dent Maize (Zea mays L.). Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. 2017. 65 (38), 8311-8318.
  • Ayaji-Oyetunde OO, CJ Butts-Wilmsmeyer, and CA Bradley. Sensitivity of Rhizoctonia solani to Succinate Dehydrogenase Inhibitor and Demethylation Inhibitor Fungicides. Plant Disease. 2017. 101 (3), 487-495.
  • Butts-Wilmsmeyer CJ and MO Bohn. High-Throughput Extraction of Insoluble-Bound Ferulic Acid in Maize. Crop Science. 2016. 56 (6), 3152-3159.