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Nicholas Guehlstorf

Nicholas Guehlstorf, Professor

Environmental Resources and Policy - SIUE Cooperative Faculty

Nicholas P. Guehlstorf is a Professor of Political Science and Environmental Sciences at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. He received his bachelors from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, his Masters in Washington D.C. at Catholic University of America and his Ph.D. in West Lafayette, Indiana from Purdue University. Guehlstorf offers courses in environmental law, American government, political theory, and environmental public policy and administration. His scholarly work focuses on the applicability deliberative democracy theories have for environmental problems as his scholarship has examined the practical policy considerations environmental democracy has for genetically modified food regulations, sustainable farming practices, brownfield redevelopment programs, and wetland laws.

Dr. Guehlstorf has published two books, Ecosystems, Society and Health: Pathways Through Diversity, Convergence and Complexity with McGill University Press, and The Political Theories of Risk Analysis is with Springer. He has peer-reviewed articles of his work in journals like Environmental Science and Policy, Journal of Environmental Practice, Public Works Management and Policy, Journal of Agriculture and Environmental Ethics, and Water and Biofuels.

Dr. Guehlstorf’s current research has been trying to assert that the equitable process of making natural resource and pollution protection decisions with adequate citizens interests is more important than sustainable policy outcomes. He and his wife have been married over twenty-five years have four children and enjoy traveling wherever the minivan will take them. Dr. Guehlstorf is a large supporter of the Children’s Tumor Foundation.

Nicholas Guehlstorf

Phone: 618-650-3852

Research Interests

  • Integration of democratic values into environmental policy and considers the theoretical problems with citizen involvement, economic development, and scientific information in decision making.

Courses Recently Taught

  • Environmental Politics
  • American Political Ideas and Their Origin
  • Issues in American Public Policy
  • Introduction to Political Science
  • Environmental Sciences Graduate Seminar
  • Environmental Law

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