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Nicholas Guehlstorf

Nicholas Guehlstorf, Professor

Environmental Resources and Policy - SIUE Cooperative Faculty

I'm an environmental scientist interested in human health hazard and exposure assessment. My prior research experience largely focused on monitoring and modeling contaminant fate, bioaccumulation, and human exposure. I have also maintained an interest in environmental statistics and data analysis applications, as well as information exchange, collaboration, and education with other environmental specialists and the general public. 

Much of my research links environmental science and environmental health, and applies statistical and mechanistic models to interpret environmental data at the watershed and ecoregional scale. My PhD research at UC Berkeley focused on modeling linkages between exposure to health hazards and their effects, employing case studies such as the environmental dissemination of antibiotic resistance. I also work on additional research areas, in collaboration with other scholars. These include: 1. Environmental justice issues associated with human exposure to unconventional oil and gas exploration in the US, and 2. Spatiotemporal patterns in bioaccumulation and biomagnification of legacy trace contaminants (e.g., mercury and PCBs). 

Nicholas Guehlstorf

Phone: 618-650-3852

Research Interests

  • Integration of democratic values into environmental policy and considers the theoretical problems with citizen involvement, economic development, and scientific information in decision making.

Courses Recently Taught

  • Environmental Politics
  • American Political Ideas and Their Origin
  • Issues in American Public Policy
  • Introduction to Political Science
  • Environmental Sciences Graduate Seminar
  • Environmental Law

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