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Environmental Resources and Policy Faculty

Our faculty are a unique blend of researchers, educators and professionals who are proven experts in their fields.

Carolyn Butts-Wilmsmeyer , Associate Professor and Director of the Center for Predictive Analytics

Environmental Resources and Policy - Biological Sciences

Research Interests:

As a statistical geneticist, my research interests lie at the intersection of predictive models, plant genetics, and human health. The overall goal of my research program is to build statistical models that allow us to predict and improve plant characteristics of economic and societal importance, such as the nutritional quality of grain crops and the natural resilience of plant production systems. My current research projects include developing more predictive genomic selection techniques for complex traits and minimizing the occurrence of mycotoxin-producing fungal pathogens in grain production systems.

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Carolyn Butts-Wilmsmeyer

Phone: 618-650-2682

Leslie Duram, Professor, Fulbright Scholar, Director of the Environmental Studies Program

Geography and Environmental Resources

Dr. Duram's research interests are environmental geography (local- to global-scale environmental issues), environmental public participation, climate change education, plant-based diets, and campus sustainability.

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Leslie Duram
Office: 4537 Faner Hall
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Karla Gage, Associate Professor

Crop, Soil and Environmental Management

Dr. Karla Gage is Assistant Professor of Weed Science and Plant Biology at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, where she received her Ph.D. in Plant Biology with a focus in Weed Ecology in 2013. She holds a cross-appointment between the College of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Plant Soil and Agricultural Systems and the College of Science, Department of Plant Biology. She has experience working with weed management research, planning and control in agricultural, grassland, forest, and aquatic ecosystems.

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Karla Gage Office: Public Policy Institute, Room 108 
Phone: 618-453-7679

Nicholas Guehlstorf, Professor

Environmental Resources and Policy - SIUE Cooperative Faculty

I'm an environmental scientist interested in human health hazard and exposure assessment. My prior research experience largely focused on monitoring and modeling contaminant fate, bioaccumulation, and human exposure. I have also maintained an interest in environmental statistics and data analysis applications, as well as information exchange, collaboration, and education with other environmental specialists and the general public. 

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Nicholas Guehlstorf

Phone: 618-650-3852

Scott Hamilton-Brehm, Associate Professor

Environmental Resources and Policy - Microbiology

Research Specialties: Anaerobic and aerobic cultivation of microorganisms, environmental sampling.


PhD, 2008, University of Georgia, Athens, GA

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Scott Hamilton-Brehm

Phone: 618-453-3818

Kristin Hurst, Assistant Professor

Geography and Environmental Resources

Dr. Hurst's research interests include Sustainability Psychology, Pro-environmental Behavior, Climate Change Engagement, and Human-Environment Interactions.

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Kristen Hurst
Phone: 618-536-3375
Office: 4520 Faner Hall
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Liliana Lefticariu, Professor



  • B.Sc. 1989, University of Bucharest
  • M.S. 2001, Northern Illinois University
  • Ph.D. 2004, Northern Illinois University


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Liliana Lefticariu

Office: Parkinson Lab 301 D 
Phone: 618-453-7373
Fax: 618-453-7393
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Ruopu Li, Associate Professor

Geography and Environmental Resources

Dr. Li's research centers on the Geoinformatics for Food-Energy-Water (GeoFEW). His specific research topics include Water Resources Modeling and Management, Food-Energy-Water Nexus, Social-Hydrological Systems, Energy Geography, and Smart and Connected Communities. His research methods involve geospatial artificial intelligence, social media data mining, multispectral drones, and community surveys.

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Ruopu Li
Phone: 618-453-6038
Office: 4543 Faner Hall
The GeoFEW Research Lab
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Zhi-Qing Lin, Professor

Environmental Resources and Policy - SIUE Cooperative Faculty

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Zhi-Qing Lin

Phone: 618-650-2650

Adriana Martinez, Assistant Professor

Environmental Resources and Policy - SIUE Cooperative Faculty

I am a physical geographer with GIS expertise. I received a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Geosciences (2005), and a Master of Science in Geography (Fluvial Geomorphology, 2008) at Texas A&M University and a PhD in Geography (Fluvial Geomorphology, 2013) at the University of Oregon.

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Logan Park, Associate Professor


Logan O. Park is the Associate Professor of Forest Recreation and Park Management in the Forestry Department of Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

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Logan Park
Office: Agriculture Building, Room 194-D
Phone: 618-453-7476

Jonathan Remo, Associate Professor

Geography and Environmental Resources

Dr. Remo’s research interests lie within four major themes: river science, river management, flood hazard assessment, and mitigation. Areas of research specialization include fluvial geomorphology, flood hydrology, hydraulic modeling, disaster-mitigation planning, and disaster-loss modeling.

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Jonathan Remo
Phone: 618-453-6021
Office: 4531 Faner Hall
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William Retzlaff, Professor

Environmental Resources and Policy - SIUE Cooperative Faculty

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William Retzlaff

Phone: 618-650-2728

Charles Ruffner, Professor


Charles M. Ruffner, Ph.D., specializes in old-growth forest ecology and fire history in his research and teaching, and is deeply engaged in service with professional and community groups at multiple scales.

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Charles Ruffner
Office: Agriculture Building, Room 194-C
Phone: 618-453-7469 

Amir Sadeghpour, Associate Professor

Crop, Soil and Environmental Management

Dr. Amir Sadeghpour is an Assistant Professor of Soil Management and Integrated Cropping Systems in the Department of Plant, Soil, and Agricultural Systems at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

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Amir Sadeghpour

Office: Agriculture Building, Room 176
Phone: (618) 453-1795

Justin Schoof, Director, School of Earth Systems and Sustainability and Professor, Geography and Environmental Resources

Geography and Environmental Resources

Dr. Schoof's research interests include climate variability and change, synoptic climatology, and statistical climatology.

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Justin Schoof
Phone: 618-453-6019
Office: 4524 Faner Hall
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Jon Schoonover, Professor


Dr. Schoonover serves as Professor of Physical Hydrology and Soils in the Forestry Program at SIUC.

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Jon Schoonover
Office: Agriculture Building, Room 192-B
Phone: 618-453-7468 

Chris Theodarakis, Professor

Environmental Resources and Policy - SIUE Cooperative Faculty

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Chris Theodarakis

Phone: 618-650-5235

Guangxing Wang, Professor, Remote Sensing and GIS

Geography and Environmental Resources

Dr. Wang's research interests include remote sensing, GIS, spatial statistics and their applications to geography, natural and environmental resources with the specific areas: sampling design strategies; human activity and natural disaster induced vegetation disturbance and soil erosion, environmental quality assessment; forest and city vegetation carbon sequestration modeling and mapping; wetland classification and dynamics monitoring; desertification trend monitoring; quality assessment and spatial uncertainty analysis of remote sensing and GIS products.

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Guangxing Wang
Phone: 618-453-6017
Office: 4442 Faner Hall
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Karl Williard, Professor and Faculty Coordinator

Forestry, Executive Director of The Universities Council on Water Resources

Karl W.J. Williard is a Professor of Forest Hydrology and Watershed Management in the Department of Forestry at Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIU).

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Karl Williard
Office: Agriculture Building, Room 184-A
Phone: 618-453-7478

Kyong Sup Yoon, Assistant Professor

Environmental Resources and Policy - SIUE Cooperative Faculty

My main research interests span a spectrum of environmental toxicology and medical entomology to protect agriculture, animal and human health in environmentally safe, sustainable and affordable ways. I have been particularly interested in the following areas of interdisciplinary research: (1) mechanism of acute action of toxic substances: (2) genetic and epigenetic factors and processes associated with insecticide resistance; (3) adverse effects of sub-lethal and long-term exposure to environmental chemicals; (4) controlling and management of human head and body louse populations; and (5) developing and evaluating biochemical and molecular diagnostics for chemical and pest management. Overall, my scholarly work has attempted to addresses the linkage and interaction between exposure to environmentally ubiquitous toxic substances and factors governing physiology, genetics and epigenetics. 

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Kyong Sup Yoon

Phone: 618-650-3302

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