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Bradley Taylor

Bradley Taylor, Associate Professor


Bradley Taylor is a fruit crops specialist whose life-long passion is getting to know, grow, and enjoy perennial fruit crops. Understanding and appreciating apples, peaches, berry crops and grapes, and winemaking are the missions of both work and hobby. His program focuses on the use of pruning, plant training, mineral fertility program, rootstocks and plant growth regulators to efficiently produce wholesome, delectable fruit. He has developed experience navigating the art and science of matching crop species, varieties and rootstocks with the specific field sites, growers and market opportunities. Learning how to manage the cultivation and use of fruit crops is very challenging, but sharing these experiences with students, growers, consumers and other professionals is this career’s greatest reward!


HORT 250 - Pesticide Application
HORT 333 - From the Vine to its Wine
HORT 436 - Successful Fruit Growing
HORT 466 - Vine and Small Fruit Culture
Bradley Taylor Office: Agriculture Building, Room 176-B