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Jose Franco Da Cunha Leme Filho

Jose Franco Da Cunha Leme Filho, Assistant Professor

Plant Biology, Horticulture, and Crop, Soil, and Environmental Management


Joint appointment in the School of Forestry and Horticulture and the School of Biological Sciences. The Cannabis Biology and Cultivation Systems lab focuses on areas of controlled environment agriculture, plant secondary metabolites, nutraceutical/pharmaceutical biology, and growing practices. 

We are working on the development of techniques to maximize cannabinoids, non-cannabinoids (terpenes and flavonoids), fiber, and grain productivity/quality via plant physiological, biochemical, and agricultural approaches. Limited tools are currently available to maximize cannabis output, and knowledge regarding cannabis management, water use, fertilizer, disease control, and lighting requirements is outdated due to the legal status.

The FarmBits Podcast: Exploring the Cannabis World with Dr. Leme

SIU Jose Franco Da Cunha Leme Filho Office: Agriculture Building 176 C
Phone: 618-453-2499



  • HORT 350 Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)
  • HORT 482 Cannabis Production and Supply Chain
  • HORT 481 Cannabis Practicum
  • PLB 590 Introduction to Research
  • CSEM / HORT 409 Crop Physiology
  • HORT 220 General Horticulture

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