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Sport Administration Faculty

Our faculty are a unique blend of researchers, educators and professionals who are proven experts in their fields.

Tony Calabrese, Lecturer

Kinesiology, Sport Administration

Tony Calabrese has been associated with SIU since 1960 as a student, athlete, and graduate assistant.  He attended SIU from 1960-1966 where he received his BS in Physical Education, and was a member of the SIU Men’s Gymnastics Team that won an NCAA National Championship, and compiled a record of 67 wins and no losses.

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Tony Calabrese

Office: Davies Hall, 116
Phone: 618-536-2431

Bobbi Knapp, Associate Professor

Sport Administration, Human Sciences

Dr. Knapp is an tenured Associate Professor of Sport Studies and current Program Director for the KIN 210 Diversity in Sport course.  Her primary focus of training and study is in the sub disciplinary area of sport sociology.  She also serves as Co-Director of the Socio-Psychology Laboratory, and serves as the faculty advisor for the Sport Studies Association (SSA).

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Bobbi Knapp

Office: Davies Hall, 160B
Phone: 618-453-3324
Fax: 618-453-3329

Meungguk Park, Associate Professor

Sport Administration, Human Sciences

Dr. Meungguk Park is an Associate Professor of Sport Administration. Dr. Park’s research focus is on non-profit sport organizations and/or sporting events whose main function is to produce goods and services for the welfare of people with disabilities, cancer patients, and low income individuals.

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Meungguk Park

Office: Davies Hall, 160E
Phone: 618-453-3126

Julie Partridge, Professor and Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR)

Kinesiology, Exercise Science and Sport Administration

Dr. Partridge is a Professor of Kinesiology and Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR) for the department. Her primary focus of training and study is in the sub disciplinary area of sport and exercise psychology. She also serves as Director of the Social Psychology of Sport Laboratory.

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Julie Partridge

Office: Davies Hall, 160A
Phone: 618-453-3119

Taeho Yoh, Professor and Program Director for Sport Administration

Sport Administration, Human Sciences

Dr. Taeho Yoh is a Professor of Sport Management and Program Director for Sport Administration. Dr. Taeho Yoh’s research interests lie in various aspects of sport marketing, particularly in the  areas of cause-related sport marketing as corporate social responsibility, sport consumer behavior, and sport marketing for NPOs. 

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Taeho Yoh

Office: Davies Hall, 119
Phone: 618-453-3124