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Tammy Gwaltney

Tammy Gwaltney, Assistant Lecturer

Social Work, Non-Tenure Track Faculty

Dr. Tammy Gwaltney is a native of southern Illinois. Her passion from early childhood was being an advocate and voice for those who felt powerless or disenfranchised.

After graduating from Herrin High School, Tammy attended and graduated from SIUC with a Bachelor of Sociology. She began working full-time in adolescent residential centers, public health and then student recruitment before deciding to return to school full-time to earn a graduate degree.

Tammy attended Washington University in St. Louis where she graduated with her MSW in Social and Economic Development and Management. For 20+ years post MSW, Tammy started and ran various private non-profits, served on community nonprofit boards, provided consulting, conducted numerous speaking engagements, hosted a TV program, and recruited international students among other professional endeavors. Tammy also was instrumental in helping create and then ran, for over 13 years a child and adult forensic sexual violence center.

In 2020, Tammy earned her Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Organizational Management.

Tammy currently serves as the Associate Director of Grants and Program Initiatives at John A. Logan College and as the President of the Williamson County Habitat for Humanity Chapter.

Tammy began teaching at SIU in fall 2021, teaching interviewing skills to undergraduate students. Most recently Tammy has been teaching a graduate practicum seminar helping students bridge classroom theory with practice settings.

Professionally, Tammy aspires to encourage social work students to be prepared to be know how to use their voice to advocate for both micro and macro change

Phone: 618-453-7257