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Mavis Adjei

Mavis Adjei, Professor

Born and raised in Ghana, West Africa, Adjei is an ocean away from home, but she feels right at home in southern Illinois. “I love Southern Illinois and what I love most about SIU is its culture. We have a very challenging but nurturing atmosphere. Most schools are either academically challenging or nurturing; hardly do you find one that strives to achieve both. I love that our students benefit from my colleagues’ world-class teaching and research expertise. I believe this increases the chances that our students will find and keep their dream jobs”, said Adjei.

Adjei's research focuses on the development and maintenance of marketing relationships in both traditional brick-and-mortar and internet environments, including how information technology can be used to enhance these relationships. A secondary research stream centers on strategies that can be used by service providers to increase customer retention.

Adjei received an associate degree in Education and a bachelor of science in Zoology from University of Cape Coast in Ghana in 1998, a masters in Management Information Systems from Georgia College and State University in 2001, and a doctorate in business administration from The University of Mississippi in 2006.

Mavis Adjei

Office: Rehn Hall, 227A
Phone: 618-453-7703

Research Interests

  • Development and maintenance of marketing relationships
  • Strategies that can be used by service of providers to increase customer retention in both the brick-and-mortar environment and on the internet

Recent Publications

Key, T. M., Boostrom, R. E., Adjei, M. T. and Campbell, D. A. (2013), “Watch out: Themes in timepiece communities of counterfeit consumption,” Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 12: 307–317.

Charles H. Noble, Stephanie M. Noble, and Mavis T. Adjei (2012), “Let Them Talk!: Managing primary and extended Online Communities for success,” Business Horizons, 55 (5), 475 – 484.

Adjei, Mavis T., Charles H. Noble, and Stephanie M. Noble (2012), “Managing C2C communications to Enhance Customer Relationships: A 4-Step Model,” Sloan Management Review, 53 (4), 22 - 24. 

Adjei, Mavis T., Stephanie M. Noble, and Charles H. Noble (2010), “Online Brand Communities as Drivers of Relationship Quality and Purchase Behavior,” Journal of the Academy Marketing Science, 38 (5), 634 – 653.

Adjei, Mavis T. and Melissa N. Clark (2010), “Relationship Marketing in a B2C Context: The Moderating Role of Personality Traits and switching costs,” Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 17(1), 73-79.

Adjei, Mavis T., David Griffith, and Stephanie M. Noble (2009), “When Do Relationships Pay Off For Retailers? Exploring Targets and Contexts to Understand the Value of Relationship Marketing,” Journal of Retailing 85 (4) 493–501.

Clark, Melissa N. and Mavis T. Adjei, and Donna Yancey (2009), “The Impact of Service Fairness Perceptions on Relationship Quality,” Services Marketing Quarterly, 30 (3), 287 – 302.

Noble, Stephanie M., David Griffith, and Mavis T. Adjei, (2006) “Drivers of Local Merchant Loyalty: Understanding the Influence of Gender and Value Orientation,” Journal of Retailing, 82 (3), 177 - 188.

Phillips, Joanna, Mavis Tandoh (Adjei), Stephanie M. Noble, and Victoria Bush (2004), “The Value of Relationship Strength in Segmenting Casino Patrons:  An Exploratory Investigation,” Journal of Interactive Advertising, 5 (1). 


Outstanding Researcher of the Year, College of Business, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, 2010

Winner of the Society for Marketing Advances Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Award for 2006

Dissertation Fellowship Award from The University of Mississippi Graduate School (Spring 2006)

Summer Research Grant from The University of Mississippi Graduate School (2005)

Society for Marketing Advances (SMA) Doctoral Consortium Fellow (2004)

Graduate School Travel Grant to attend SMA Conference (2004)

Travel Grant from The University of Mississippi School of Business to attend SMA Conference and Doctoral Consortium (2004)