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The marketing faculty are seasoned educators with the ultimate goal of helping their students succeed at SIUC and beyond. With a world-class group of scholars, our marketing faculty members are prolific researchers and practitioners specializing in the following areas: branding, consumer behavior, ethics, strategy, promotions, digital marketing, sales, services, retailing, business-to-business marketing, consumer analytics, international/global marketing issues, public policy, and nonprofit marketing.

Mavis Adjei, Professor

Born and raised in Ghana, West Africa, Adjei is an ocean away from home, but she feels right at home in southern Illinois. “I love Southern Illinois and what I love most about SIU is its culture. We have a very challenging but nurturing atmosphere. Most schools are either academically challenging or nurturing; hardly do you find one that strives to achieve both. I love that our students benefit from my colleagues’ world-class teaching and research expertise. I believe this increases the chances that our students will find and keep their dream jobs”, said Adjei.

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Mavis Adjei

Office: Rehn Hall, 227A
Phone: 618-453-7703

Nwamaka Anaza, Associate Professor

Nwamaka Anaza’s areas of expertise focus on studying employees in service roles with particular interest directed to sales professionals, public, and non-profit employees. She also specializes in consumer behavior and has taken up a recent interest in financial technologies. She received her Ph.D. from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana in 2010.

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Nwamaka Anaza

Office: Rehn Hall, 229A
Phone: 618-453-7787

Gordon Bruner, Professor Emeritus

Professor Bruner began working with the SIU College of Business in the Fall of 1984. Prior to that, he received a B.B.A. and M.S. in marketing, both from Texas A&M University. His Ph.D. with a major in marketing and a minor in music was from the University of North Texas.

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Gordon Bruner II Phone: 618-453-4341

Terry Clark, Professor of Marketing

Terry Clark has a passion for all things Saluki, "Of all the universities I've studied at, worked at or visited, SIU is by far my favorite," he said. "I love Southern Illinois, I love Carbondale and I love our campus."

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Terry Clark

Office: Rehn Hall, 120A
Phone: 618-453-7781

John Fraedrich, James N. Jannetides Professor of Business Ethics

John Fraedrich received his Bachelor’s Degree in Management from Brigham Young University and his Masters of Science and PhD in Marketing from Texas A&M University at College Station. His research began with one of the first empirically based business ethics dissertations and was the nexus for the book, “Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making and Cases” (13th edition) 2022.

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John Fraedrich Office: Rehn Hall, 219A
Phone: 618-453-7786

Tom Harness, Assistant Lecturer

Tom Harness is a U.S. Army Veteran, Former Educator, Entrepreneur, and owner of Harness Digital Marketing. He is an SIU Alumni with a bachelors in Elementary Education and a Masters in Educational Administration. He is best known for his Ugly Christmas Suit fundraiser campaign that raised over 5 years $25,000 for 5 local non-profits.

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Terry Clark

Office: Rehn Hall 223
Phone: 618-453-7770
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Omid Kamran Disfani, Assistant Professor

Omid Kamran Disfani joined the faculty at SIU College of Business in 2019 after earning his PhD in Business Administration (Marketing) from the University of Missouri. Dr. Kamran has also received a Master’s degree in advertising and marketing from University of Leeds (England), a graduate certificate in applied statistics from University of Kentucky, and a BSc in industrial engineering from AmirKabir University of Technology (Iran).

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SIU Omid Kamran Disfani

Office: Rehn Hall, 225A
Phone: 618-453-7784

Ellen Novar, Associate Lecturer

Ellen Novar has been a lecturer at the College of Business since 2016. She currently teaches Marketing Management (MKTG 304), Retail Management (MKTG 401) and Small Business Marketing (MKTG 350).

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Ellen Novar Office: Rehn Hall, 235A
Phone: 618-453-7773

Sevincgul Ulu, Assistant Professor

Sevincgul Ulu is an assistant professor in the Marketing Department at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. She obtained her PhD in Marketing from Rutgers University and she also holds an MBA degree from Freeman School of Business, Tulane University, with a concentration in Marketing and Global Leadership. Her research focuses on online behavior, authenticity, identity, evolutionary psychology, and brand activism. She has published in multiple journals such as Journal of Business Research and Psychology and Marketing. Her research has been featured in and Prior to entering academia, she worked for SONY where she developed her interest in digital marketing. Her work experience includes CRM specialist in HSBC and behavioral lab manager in Rutgers University. She has been teaching Consumer Behavior, Marketing Research, and Social Media Marketing courses.

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Sevincgul Ulu

Office: Rehn Hall 217A
Phone: 618-453-7802

Taeho Yoh, Professor and Director of Sport Administration

Taeho Yoh holds two Ph.Ds, one in Marketing from Southern Illinois University Carbondale and another in Sport Management from Florida State University. He is cross-appointed in the College of Health and Human Sciences the College of Business and Analytics. His research primarily focuses on the following areas: Corporate Social Responsibility, Sport Marketing and Social Impact of Sport Organizations, and Marketing and Promotions for Non-profit Sectors.

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Taeho Yoh

Office: Davies 119
Phone: 618-453-3124, 


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