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Andrew Carver

Andrew Carver, Professor, Director of Engagement

Forestry, Horticulture, Environmental Resources and Policy

Dr. Carver is Professor of Conservation Planning and Sustainable Development and Director of Engagement for the College of Agricultural Sciences. Dr. Carver leads a globally recognized teaching and research program in international natural resource conservation and international development. His research informs policy decision making in Europe, North America, Central America and Central Asia. His outreach duties include building domestic and international partnerships for the SIU College of Agricultural Sciences.

Special Interests

  • Biodiversity conservation
  • Land-use planning and decision making
  • Environmental policy and forest economics
  • Mathematical modeling of human-environmental interactions


  • Introduction to Forestry
  • International Forestry
  • Tropical Rainforest Conservation Field Course
  • Forestry Seminar
  • Forest Resources Economics
  • Advanced Forest Resources Economics

Descriptions are available for each of these classes in the course listing for Forestry.


  • 1998 Ph.D. Department of Agronomy, Purdue University
  • 1993 M.S. Department of Forestry and Natural Resources, Purdue University
  • 1990 B.S. Natural Resources and Environmental Science, Purdue University

Recent Publications And Awards

(‡ denotes graduate student advisee)

  • Thurau, B. K. , E. Seekamp, A. D. Carver and J.G. Lee. 2015. Should Cruise Ports Market Ecotourism? A Comparative Analysis of Passenger Spending Expectations within the Panama Canal Watershed. International Journal of Tourism Research. 17:15-53.
  • McCreary, A., E. Seekamp, L. K. Cerveny, and A. D. Carver. 2012. Natural resource agencies and their motivations to partner: The public lands partnership model. Leisure Sciences. 34(5):470–489.
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  • Reeling, C. J., J. G. Lee, P. Mitchell, G. H. Halimi, and A. D. Carver. 2012. Policy options to enhance agricultural irrigation in Afghanistan: A canal systems approach. Agricultural Systems. 109:90-100.
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  • Davenport, M. A., C. Bridges, J. C. Mangun, A. D. Carver, K. W. Williard, and E. Jones. 2010. Building local community commitment to wetlands restoration: A case study of the Cache River Wetlands in southern Illinois, U.S.A. Environmental Management. 45:711-722.
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  • Needham, J. and A. D. Carver. 2007.  Reclaiming declassified military wilderness: linking the art and science of sound for rainforest conservation. Soundscape: Journal of Acoustic Ecology. 7(1):39-41.
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  • Thurau, B. K., A. D. Carver, C. M. Basman, G. Bauer, and J. C. Mangun. 2007. A market segmentation analysis of cruise ship tourists visiting the Panama Canal Watershed: Opportunities for ecotourism development. Journal of Ecotourism. 6(1):1-18.
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  • Mangun, J. C., M. D. Gaskins, A. D. Carver, K. W. J. Williard and J. J. Zaczek. 2007. A multi-criteria GIS analysis in the fragmented Kaskaskia River watershed bottomland hardwood forest. In Proc., 15th Central Hardwood Forest Conference. U.S. Forest Service General Technical Report SRS-101. pp. 337-344.


Andrew Carver

Office: Agriculture Building, Room 186-B
Phone: 618-453-7461