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Tamara Kang

Tamara Kang, Assistant Professor

Applied Psychology

Dr. Tamara Kang received her Ph.D. in Legal Psychology, M.A. in Clinical Psychology, and Quantitative Certificate from the University of Texas at El Paso. Prior to coming to SIUC, Dr. Kang completed her postdoctoral fellowship developing and implementing a Youth Needs and Progress Scale (YNPS) on Dr. Robert Prentky’s Department of Justice funded grant at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Broadly, Dr. Kang is interested in psychology and law. Specifically, Dr. Kang’s Barriers to Reducing Crime Lab is committed to: (1) developing innovative strategies to communicate research on how to effectively reduce crime (science communication); (2) effective implementation of evidence-based practices; (3) mental health stigmatization; (4) judgment and decision-making in the criminal justice system; (5) special needs that pose barriers to reducing crime; and (6) assessment and rehabilitation of offenders with a mental disorder.

Research Interests

Mental health, reduction of crime, criminal justice rehabilitation and assessment, decision-making, translation of research into practice

Representative Publications

Kang, T., *Green, A., *Akamani, B., & **Pinkston, K. (2022). Rural residents’ emotions, beliefs, and sources that influenced those beliefs regarding sex offender policies, practice, and the efficacy of treatment. Behavioral Sciences & the Law, 1-24.

Kang, T. (in press). The Lost Scrolls of the Correctional Bible: Before the Risk-Need-Responsivity Model. In P. Magaletta, M. Ternes, & M. Patry (Eds). The History and Future of Correctional Psychology. Springer.

Prentky, R. A., Righthand, S., Worling, J., & Kang, T. (2020). Final report: Development and implementation project for the Youth Needs and Progress Scale (YNPS). Report prepared for Office of Justice Programs, Department of Justice, National Criminal Justice Reference (2016-AW-BX- K004). Retrieved from

Kang, T., *Beltrani, A., *Manheim, M., *Spriggs, S., *Nishimura, B., *Sinclair, S., *Stachniuk, M., *Pate, E., Righthand, S., Worling, J., & Prentky, R.A. (2019). Development of a risk / treatment needs & progress protocol for juveniles with sex offenses. Translational Issues in Psychological Science.

Kang, T., Wood, J. M., Eno Louden, J., & Ricks, E. P. (2017). Prevalence of internalizing, externalizing, and psychotic disorders among low-risk juvenile offenders. Psychological Services, 14(2).

Eno Louden, J., Kang, T., Ricks, E. P., & Marquez, L. (2017). Utility of the MAYSI-2 at identifying mental disorder among Latino juvenile offenders. Psychological Assessment.

Kang, T., Eno Louden, J., Ricks, E. P., & Jones, R. L. (2015). Aggression, substance use disorder, and presence of a prior suicide attempt among juvenile offenders with subclinical depression. Law and Human Behavior, 39(5), 1-9.

SIU Psychology Tamara Kang

Office: Life Science II, 281
Phone: 618-453-2301
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Barriers to Reducing Crime Lab

Educational History

Ph.D., The University of Texas at El Paso