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Internship & Senior Project

A culminating experience is an integral part of the curriculum in the ITEC program. Students are required to complete three credit hours through either an internship or a senior project related to the students’ academic and career goals. These experiences allow students to integrate skills and knowledge acquired throughout the ITEC program.

Internship (ITEC 419)

Internship opportunities help students build key competencies and explore career interests in a professional setting, all while enhancing personal growth. Students must satisfactorily complete a minimum of 169 hours of internship experience to qualify for three hours of credit, but with full time work, students can count additional hours as elective credit. The internship course is graded as pass/fail. There are no prerequisites for an internship; students can complete one or more internships anytime in their program.

Senior Project (ITEC 495)

For a senior project, students work individually or in small teams to design, implement, and/or deliver a complete IT solution. Due to the complexity of a senior project, in order to be successful, students must have completed the following prerequisites: ITEC 312, ITEC 380, ITEC 404, and ITEC 412 each with a grade of C or better. Students must also identify a faculty member to supervise the technical aspects of the project.

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