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Kevin Sylwester

Kevin Sylwester, Professor and Director, School of Analytics, Finance, and Economics

Ph.D. 1997, Economics, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Fields: Macroeconomics, Economic Growth, Development

Selected Publications

"Anticorruption and growth: Evidence from China," European Journal of Political Economy (with Guangjun Qu and Feng Wang) 55, 2018, 373-390.

"Environment Quality and International Migration," Kyklos (with Xu Xu) 69, 2016, 157-180.

"Market Competition and Corruption," World Development (with Aboubacar Diaby) 66, 2015, 487-499.

"A Note on Geography, Institutions, and Income Inequality," Economics Letters, 85, 2004, 235-240.

"Income Inequality, Education Expenditures, and Growth," Journal of Development Economics, 63, 2000, 379-398.

SIU Kevin Sylwester

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