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Sajal Lahiri

Sajal Lahiri, Professor of Economics

Sajal Lahiri, Ph.D. earned his doctorate from the Indian Statistical Institute (1977). He worked at the University of Essex in England (1978-2002) and joined the faculty at Southern Illinois University in 2002 as the Vandeveer endowed chair in Economics and is a distinguished scholar at SIU.

Lahri has written extensively on issues related to international and development economics and was a member of the Restrictive Practices Court in the UK to hear a case on Retail Price Maintenance involving medicaments. He has worked as a consultant to international organizations like the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), and the World Bank. Lahiri has chaired over fifty Ph.D. dissertations.

SIU Sajal Lahiri

Office: Faner Hall, 4130
Phone: 618-453-9472

Selected Publications

Trade and Industrial Policy under International Oligopoly, Cambridge University Press, 2004 (paperback edition, 2007) (with Yoshiyasu Ono)

"Input-Output Analysis with Scale-dependent Coefficients," Econometrica, 1976.

"Efficient Investment and Growth Consistency in the Input-Output Frame: An Analytical Contribution", Econometrica, 1977.

"Domestic Tax Reform and International Oligopoly," Journal of Public Economics, 1993 (with M. Keen)

"The Role of Free Entry in an Oligopolistic Heckscher-Ohlin Model," International Economic Review, 1995. (with Y. Ono)

"Competition for Aid and Trade Policy', Journal of International Economics}, 1997 (with P. Raimondos-Moeller).

"Foreign Direct Investment, Local Contents, and Profit Taxation," Economic Journal, 1998 (with Y. Ono).

"Destination and Origin Principles of Commodity Taxation: The

Comparison Under Imperfect Competition," Journal of International Economics, 1998 (with M.J. Keen).

"Lobbying by ethnic groups and aid allocation," Economic Journal}, 2000 (with P. Raimondos-Moeller).

"Foreign Aid and Illegal Immigration," Journal of Development Economics, 2000 (with Helena Gaytan-Fregoso).

"Will trade sanctions reduce child labour? the role of credit markets," Journal of Development Economics, 2002 (with Saqib Jafarey).

"Food for education and funds for education quality: policy options to reduce child labour," Canadian Journal of Economics, 2005 (with Saqib Jafarey).

"On the Provision of Official and Private Foreign Aid," Journal of Development Economics, 2006 (with Albert Schweinberger)

"Input-output analysis of virtual water transfers: Case study of California and Illinois," Ecological Economics, 2013 (with Stanley Mubako and Christopher Lant)

"Potential Pareto-improving Move Towards Most Favored Nation Tariffs," Economic Inquiry, 2015 (with P. Silva)

"Why direct counter-terror (CT) measures only may fail: an analysis of direct and preventive CT measures," Journal of International Economic Theory, 2019 (with Satya P. Das)

"Why do U.S. parents prefer private to foster care adoptions? The role of adoption subsidies, gender, race, and special need," Economic Inquiry (With Channary Khun and Sokchea Lim)


  • Founding Editor, The Review of Development Economics
  • Associate Editor, Bulletin of Economic Research
  • Associate Editor, Economics Bulletin
  • Co-Editor, Arthaniti
  • Editorial Board for Review of Development Finance
  • Editorial Board for Journal of Happiness