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Zsolt Becsi

Zsolt Becsi, Associate Professor of Economics

Ph.D. 1991, Economics, University of Wisconsin, Madison 
Fields: Macroeconomics, Public Economics

Selected Publications

"Credit Mismatch and Breakdown," (with Victor E. Li and Ping Wang). European Economic Review, 59, 2013, 109-125.

"Does Wealth Imply Secularization and Longevity?" Journal of Money, Credit and Banking.

"Bilateral War in a Multilateral World: Carrots and Sticks for Conflict Resolution," (with Sajal Lahiri), Canadian Journal of Economics, 40, 2007, 1168-1187.

"Heterogeneous Borrowers, Liquidity, and the Search for Credit," (with Vector E. Li and Ping Wang), Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 29, 2005, 1331-1360.

"War Technology, War, and Welfare," (with Sajal Lahiri), India Macroeconomics Annual 2004-2005, edited by Sugata Marjit, The Reserve Bank of India Endowment: Calcutta, 77-91.

"Endogenous Longevity and the Value-Maximizing Firm," Economics Bulletin, 2002, 5, 1-7.

Office: Faner Hall, 4137
Phone: 618-453-5067