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Scott Gilbert

Scott Gilbert, Associate Professor, Economics Program Coordinator and Director of Undergraduate Studies

Scott Gilbert received his Bachelors degree from the University of California Berkeley. He completed his coursework there to go to medical school, but found economics so interesting that he instead went to work as a research associate in the research department of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. After working there two years, he completed his Ph.D. in economics at the University of California San Diego. After graduating in 1996, he worked as an assistant professor in economics at the University of Mississippi for three years, then joined SIU Carbondale in year 1999.

Gilbert teaches a variety of courses including econometrics, financial economics and monetary economics. He received the Economics faculty teaching award in 2006, and is the faculty mentor for the SIU’s Economics Club and Blockchain Economics Club. He serves as the economics program coordinator and the undergraduate program director for economics. His areas of published research include econometrics, statistics, finance, and cryptocurrencies.

SIU Scott Gilbert

Office: Faner Hall, 4145
Phone: 618-453-5095

Selected Publications

"Foreign Aid, History, and Growth," (with Kevin Sylwester), in Theory and Practice of Foreign Aid, edited by Sajal Lahiri, 2007, 403-420.

"Who's Afraid of Reduced-Rank Parameterizations of Multivariate Models? Theory and Example," (with Petr Zemcik), Journal of Multivariate Analysis, 97, 2006, 925-945.

"The Impact of Skewness in the Hedging Decision" (with Samuel K. Jones and Gay Hatfield), Journal of Futures Markets, 26, 2006, 503-520.

"Testing for Latent Factors in Models with Autocorrelation and Heteroskedasticity of Unknown Form" (with Petr Zemcik), Southern Economic Journal, 72, 2005, 236-252.

"Distribution of Rankings for Groups Exhibiting Heteroskedasticity and Correlation," Journal of the American Statistical Association, 98, 2003, 147-157.


  • Associate Editor, The American Statistician