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Business Programs

SIU offers a range of traditional business degrees in finance, accounting, marketing and management as well as degrees in agribusiness, hospitality and tourism, sports administration and business analytics.

Program Summary | Degrees Offered


Accounting is a perfect major for students wanting to be major contributors to nearly every firm or organization. Whether it’s online or in-person, our program merges theory and hands-on learning to prepare the next generation of leaders to climb the corporate ladder.

Agribusiness Economics

Learning about the economics of agriculture is a rewarding path for the next generation wanting to feed the world. At Southern Illinois, our students are prepared for a career in which a large fraction of the population depends on agriculture.

Business Administrationonline-option.png

From careers as a marketing executive, human resources, finance, or manager, you can get started in a variety of well-paying, in-demand fields through SIU’s program in business administration.

Business Analytics

Businesses collect oceans of data, but how can they best use all that data? SIU’s Business Analytics program teaches how businesses apply new technologies in data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to gain competitive advantage, boost productivity, and increase profits.

Business and Administrationonline-option.png

Learning about critical business principles is key to being a key player in nearly every organization. Our business and administration program provides our students with exposure ot critical business principles, a thorough understanding of functional units within an organization, and the critical organizational decisions necessary in today’s global business environment.


For students who enjoy solving problems through the use of numbers, SIU has the program for you. An economics degree from our program helps prepare you for careers that require strategic thinking in order to make decisions that optimize the outcome.


SIU’s Finance program provides a unique, hands-on opportunity to manage a real investment fund of almost $4 million! A wide ranges of courses allow students to specialize in investments, financial institutions such as banking, or in financial management, examining how businesses manage funds to take advantage of new opportunities while also meeting current expenses.

Health Care Managementonline-option.png

Healthcare management is critically important when it comes to keeping healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, functioning at a high level. Our program is preparing the next generation of healthcare administrators who can keep those day-to-day services running smoothly.

Hospitality, Tourism & Event Managementonline-option.png

For the professionals in the hospitality, tourism, and event management industries, the career opportunities are endless as are the number of locations around the globe needing highly skilled professionals. The sheer diversity of these industries means you'll never be limited in finding career satisfaction and new ventures.

Information Technologyonline-option.png

Information technologies fields are constantly growing and changing on a daily basis. At SIU, our students are on the cutting edge of innovation as it continues to evolve. Our IT grads entered the field knowing the opportunities are boundless for people easily bored with the status quo and constantly imagining ways things could be better or more efficient.


At SIU, our management program is known nationally for educating the next generation of leaders. Our program is designed for students who are talented, easily tackle complex citations and have highly effective relationship skills.


Marketing is a high-demand, high-growth field for students interesting in a variety of career options. Whether you are interested in designing brand guidelines or developing communication vehicles for new products, SIU can help you develop your marketing skills.

Public Administration

For students aspiring to entire careers ranging from helping agencies manage day-to-day operations to overseeing large and complex economic development projects, you can get started through the SIU program in public administration.

Quantitative Economics

Employers increasingly want new hires with skills in statistics, data analysis, and computer programming. The Quantitative Economics programs complements an economics foundation with courses in the above areas to provide graduates with the quantitative skills that they can use both within business and outside of it.

Sport Administration

A Bachelor of Science in sport administration combines knowledge of the administrative roles within the sports industry with the fundamentals of physical fitness and human movement. Faculty members provide theoretical and practical proficiency to students eager to begin careers as leaders in the business and management side of sports.

Below you can find the program you are interested in and the degrees, minors, and online options offered for that program. You will see some programs have specializations (for undergraduate programs)/ concentrations (for graduate programs) listed. These are focused areas of study.
Program Bachelor's Master's Doctoral Minor Online
Accounting BS, Certificate  MAcc  
  • Accounting
 BS, MAcc
Agribusiness Economics BS  MS  
  • Agribusiness Economics
Business Administration  MBA  PhD
  • Business Administration
Accountancy    PhD    
Analytics for Managers  MBA
Finance  MBA  PhD
Management  PhD
Marketing  MBA  PhD    
Concurrent/Dual Degree Programs:
Agribusiness Economics  MS/MBA      
Computer Science  BA/MBA  
Juris Doctor  JD/MBA  
Professional Media and Media Management  MS/MBA  
Business Analytics BS MS MS
Business and Administration BS
Economics BS, BA  MA, MS  PhD
  • Economics
Financial Economics BS        
General Economics BA        
International Economics BA        
Law and Economics BA        
Finance BS    
  • Finance
Financial Institutions BS      
Financial Management BS
Investments BS      
Health Care Management BS    
  • Health Care Management
Hospitality, Tourism & Event Management BS    
  •  Hospitality, Tourism & Event Management
Professional Development Sequence (PDS):
Event Planning and Management
Food and Beverage Management
Information Technology BS    
  •  Information Technology
Management BS    
  •  Management
Entrepreneurship BS        
General BS
Personnel Management BS
Management of Health-Care Enterprises BS
Supply Chain Management BS        
Marketing BS    
  •  Marketing
Public Administration MPA
Aviation Administration   MPAD    
Quantitative Economics BS
Sport Administration BS