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Financial Management

The focus of our financial management specialization is on all activities related to the financial management of a business or a not-for-profit institution. The curriculum includes coursework in working capital management, forecasting, capital budgeting, and more.

Students with this specialization will acquire skills enabling them to manage budgets, analyze short-term financial management strategies, evaluate projects, determine the cost of capital and make decisions about long-term capital budgets.

View the Financial Management Curricular Guide.

Financial Institutions Specialization

Our financial institutions specialization is for those who are interested in the operations of financial intermediaries and financial markets. If you are interested in a career in the financial services industry, this specialization is for you.

The coursework emphasizes how to handle the policies and the problems that top management of a financial institution is confronted by. We examine the role of banking and non-banking institutions in economic growth and development. We also familiarize you with the real-estate market should that be your interest.

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Investments Concentration

The investments specialization will appeal to you if you are interested in security analysis, portfolio management, and the use of futures and options to manage the investment of financial instruments.

Our coursework covers a wide variety of related topics including security analysis, Markowitz portfolio theory, portfolio performance measurement and attribution, pricing of futures and options, risk management, using derivatives and the application of investment techniques in a corporate setting.


If you are not set in any specific specialization within Finance and would like to take a broad range of Finance courses across different specializations and desire a more flexibility in course selection, then you can choose this track.

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