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Electrical Engineering Technology Faculty

Our faculty and staff members are graduates of major universities across the United States. In addition to teaching technology courses, they are active researchers, working to advance the technology in their specialized disciplines.

Our faculty members are among the nation’s leading experts in six sigma, lean manufacturing, quality management, leadership development, continuous improvement and industrial safety.

The EET faculty members are specialists in power systems, microcontroller circuit design, and wireless network security.

Carl Spezia, EET Program Coordinator, Associate Professor

Carl joined the EET program in 1998.  He worked as a power systems engineer for electric utilities for eight years prior to seeking a career in higher education.  He is a licensed professional engineer in Illinois.  His industrial assignments included power system modeling, power systems protection, and substation design.  He received his M.S. and Ph.D. from SIUC in 1991 and 2002 respectively.  He teaches courses in electric power and machinery (EET 332A EET 332B), industrial automation (EET 438A, EET 438B) and electric circuits (EET 304A, EET 304B).  He serves as the faculty advisor of the local chapter of Tau Alpha Pi, the Engineering Technology honor society.

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Dr. Carl Spezia Office: Engineering D110
Phone: 618-453-7839

David Williams, Senior Lecturer

David T Williams joined the department full time in 2002 after completing a MS in Manufacturing Systems at SIU. He presently is completing a doctorate in education.

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David Williams
Office: Engineering D111
Phone: 618-453-7820
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