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Our Electrical Engineering Technology program is accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission (ETAC) of ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology). The program has existed for more than 50 years, and we are now offering the same top-notch program both on campus and online.

Student Outcomes

At the time of graduation, our students will have:

  1. An ability to apply knowledge, techniques, skills and modern tools of mathematics, science, engineering and technology to solve broadly-defined engineering problems appropriate to the discipline;
  2. An ability to design systems, components or processes meeting specified needs for broadly- defined engineering problems appropriate to the discipline;
  3. An ability to apply written, oral and graphical communication in broadly-defined technical and non-technical environments, and an ability to identify and use appropriate technical literature;
  4. An ability to conduct standard test, measurements and experiments and to analyze and interpret the results to improve processes; and
  5. An ability to function effectively as a member as well as a leader on technical teams.

Program Educational Objectives

The Electrical Engineering Technology program prepares graduates to:

  1. Become productive professionals and successfully formulate cost-effective solutions to real-world problems that are fundamental to electrical/electronic systems and related fields.
  2. Pursue life-long learning through professional development activities, advanced degrees, professional licensure or certifications.
  3. Serve the public and improve the quality of life by acting in a professional, safe and ethical manner.
  4. Continually seek higher-level tasks requiring independent thinking and judgment, and advance professionally with increased responsibility.
  5. Successfully integrate and contribute to the success of multi-disciplinary teams.

Enrollment and Graduation Information

Enrollment and Graduation Data for EET

Enrollment and Graduation Data
Semester Enrollment Fiscal Year Total Graduation
Fall 2019 19 (51 including online) FY19 4
Fall 2018 23 (52 including online) FY18 7
Fall 2017 21 (44 including online) FY17 12
Fall 2016 28 FY16 8
Fall 2015 35 FY15 13
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