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School of Media Arts Facilities

Emerging Media Studios

3D printers, VR Headsets, Electronics for physical computing, and the creative use of Artificial intelligence (AI)

Animation and Game Design Studio

Alienware computers with the latest professional software including Maya, Blender, and Unity

Analog Media Studios

16 mm film, traditional sound recording include cutting vinyl records and magnetic tape, Anechoic Chamber, providing a completely noise-free environment for audio arts projects traditional cel based animation on the Oxberry

Video/Audio Post-Production Studios

Latest professional software including Adobe Premiere and the entire Creative Suite, Protools, Ableton Live

Multi-Purpose Studios

Northlight Studio, a 2400 square foot studio allowing for collaborative group projects Cinema Soundstage, flexible studio for lighting demos, directing, and cinematography Open Studio, a space for students to bring their laptops and work.

Equipment Checkout Room

Students have access to a variety of audio/video equipment necessary for their classes.

Access to Adobe Creative Suite

All students are provided access to Adobe Creative Suite for use on their own laptops.