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Audio Facilities

Sound Stage Studio is the premiere studio in the College to record and mix sound for film, television, and new media. The tracking room is outfitted with Pro Tools, Waves Gold and Transform software, Genelec monitoring, and a custom 3-screen studio design for fluid session work. The nearby custom insert room features QRD acoustic panels, headphone monitoring, and a complement of professional microphones. The main mixing room features a Pro Tools Control 24 surface with Waves software, Dynaudio and JBL-LSR monitors, and a 60-inch plasma display. The 60- foot by 80-foot studio is also available for recording larger sessions into either control rooms.

Pattiz Lab hosts a 13-station classroom where students can record, edit, and mix audio projects. Each Mac workstation has Pro Tools and Final Cut Pro; some stations also include Reason, for MIDI programming (which mirrors the audio software available in the New Media Center). The lab is part of a multi-room suite. You will have access to a V/O booth, isolation room, and a classroom with a large-format analog console. You will also have access to Pro Tools, Waves Plugins, a large selection of professional-grade analog and digital signal processing hardware, and a large microphone collection. Student audio projects range from large multi-track music sessions, radio documentary, and commercials to preparing audio for video, film, and web-based platforms.

New Media Center computers include audio software (Pro Tools, Logic, and Reason) for MIDI programming and editing, which is available for student use and supports the MIDI Production course (RT 475).

The Anechoic Studio MCMA’s most advanced audio studio consists of a suite featuring two custom control rooms ad an anechoic chamber. The facility is a hybrid research/creative suite where acoustic research and creative work intermix. The surround mixing control room hosts a Pro Tools HD 5.1 system with automated mixing, Dynaudio monitors, and is configured with an array of professional plug-ins, including Waves Surround and HHB reference playback hardware. The Mastering Room also hosts a Pro Tools System with JBL monitoring, Blue Cat audio analysis software, and automated mixing. The heart of the suite is the Anechoic Chamber, a unique sonic environment where there are no sound reflections. This “noiseless” room is built on a separate foundation from the rest of the building. It serves as a recording space for multiple platforms, from music and film to sound for animation and as a laboratory for audio research. Upper-division courses such as RT 496 (Sound and Moving Image) and RT 463 (Sound Art and Practice) regularly use the facilities.

SIU Audio Studio