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Aviation Administration

Designed for aviation professionals who want to lead in the public or nonprofit sectors, SIU offers a specialization in aviation administration designed to serve the public good.

Our program accommodates either pre-service students with no professional experience but with an undergraduate major in the aviation field, or in-service students with aviation administration experience whether or not their undergraduate major is in aviation.

Career goals for this concentration include airport management and planning, administration of aviation programs, government positions in aviation safety and regulation, interest in international aviation policies, and private sector aviation consulting firms.


Joint MPA/JD

The School of Law and the Master of Public Administration (MPA) program allow students to study concurrently for the MPA and JD degrees. Students interested in pursuing careers in government agencies and nonprofit organizations will greatly benefit from this dual degree education. Employment opportunities include State Attorney General offices, municipal legal affairs departments, and national agencies such as the EPA or NASA.

The student must be admitted separately by the two programs but may apply some course work toward both degrees. This reduces the time necessary to receive both degrees by approximately one semester.


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View our Curriculum Plan that gives a detailed list of required courses.

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