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Student Organizations

Joining an RSO is a great way to meet students in your same major, network with professionals in your field, make contacts with employers well before you start looking for jobs, and find out more about your area of interest. Check out the accounting-related RSOs below, or contact the School of Accountancy for more information at 618/453-2289.

Accounting Society

The Accounting Society is an organization for students who are interested in business, with an emphasis on accounting. This organization allows its members the opportunity to enhance their leadership and communication skills through their participation and gain practical experience.


Ascend is a premier national and professional organization dedicated to enabling its members, business partners and the community to leverage the leadership and global business potential of Pan-Asian. We welcome everybody and have diverse members with different backgrounds.

Beta Alpha Psi

Beta Alpha Psi is a business fraternity for accounting majors. To be eligible for membership, one must maintain a 3.0 grade point average and have an active interest in the field of accounting. The organization's goals include encouraging scholastic and professional excellence, providing opportunities for association with practicing accountants, and promoting active participation with the College of Business and Analytics.

National Association of Black Accountants

The National Association of Black Accountants is a leader in expanding the influence of minority professionals in the fields of accounting and finance. Established in 1969, the association strives to promote and develop the professional skills of its members, to encourage and assist minority students in entering the accounting profession, and, among other goals, to represent the interests of current and prospective minority accounting professionals.

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