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Wanki Moon

Wanki Moon, Professor and Graduate Program Director, Agribusiness Economics

Wanki Moon has a Ph.D in Agricultural Economics from the University of Florida.  His research interests include global governance of agricultural trade, WTO trade rules, the global food system, political economy of agricultural trade negotiations, and multifunctionality of agriculture as a paradigm shaping a new order of global agriculture.


Dr. Moon’s research interests include a range of subject matter issues within the disciplines of agricultural economics, international political economy, and global governance of agricultural trade.


  • Ph.D. Dept of Food and Resource Economics, Univ. of Florida Gainesville, FL
  • M.S. Dept of Agricultural Economics, SungKyunKwan Univ, Korea.
  • B.S. Dept of Agricultural Economics, SungKyunKwan Univ, Korea


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Wanki Moon

Office: Agriculture Building 223-B
Phone: 618-453-6741