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Anne Chandler

Anne Chandler, Associate Professor

Dr. Anne Chandler has taught in the English Department (now the School of Literature, Writing, and Digital Humanities) since 1995. Her advanced degrees are from Duke University. She specializes in eighteenth-century British literature. 

Her main publications are on late-century fiction writers with ties to British Romanticism.  Concentrations have included gender, educational theory, and Gothicism in the careers of Mary Wollstonecraft, Thomas Day, William Godwin, Maria Edgeworth, and Ann Radcliffe. Other articles have dealt with the poetry of Thomas Holcroft and Mary Leapor. A recent article on comedy and satire in the fiction of Charlotte Smith is part of a book in progress on this feminist writer of the Revolutionary era. Dr. Chandler’s graduate seminars have addressed figures such as Smith, Mary Shelley, Jonathan Swift, William Blake, and Ann Radcliffe; seminar topics have included Gothicism, ecocriticism, landscape aesthetics, and fantastical travelogues. Dr. Chandler has also taught undergraduate seminars on the themes of “Divided Selves” and “Starting Over.”

Anne Chandler

Office: Faner, Room 2231
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