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Crop, Soil, and Environmental Management Faculty

Our faculty are a unique blend of researchers, educators and professionals who are proven experts in their fields.

Jason Bond, Professor

You can learn additional information about Dr. Bond's research, teaching and service: 

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Office: Public Policy Institute, Room 120
Phone: 618-453-4309

Ahmad Fakhoury, Professor

Special Interests:

Plant pathology, fungal genetics, mycotoxins, plant-microbe interactions


  • CSEM/PSAS 403A (Field Crops Diseases)
  • CSEM 300 (Field Crop Production)
  • CSEM/PSAS 455 (Biology of Plant Microbe Interactions)


  • Ph.D. Botany and Plant Pathology-Purdue University
  • M.Sc. Plant Protection- American University of Beirut
  • B.Sc. Agriculture- American University of Beirut

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Ahmad Fakhoury

Office: Public Policy Institute, Room 110
Phone: 618-453-1782

Karla Gage, Associate Professor

Dr. Karla Gage is Assistant Professor of Weed Science and Plant Biology at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, where she received her Ph.D. in Plant Biology with a focus in Weed Ecology in 2013. She holds a cross-appointment between the College of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Plant Soil and Agricultural Systems and the College of Science, Department of Plant Biology. She has experience working with weed management research, planning and control in agricultural, grassland, forest, and aquatic ecosystems.

Visit the Weed Science lab website to learn more.

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Karla Gage Office: Public Policy Institute, Room 108 
Phone: 618-453-7679

Stella Kantartzi, Professor

Dr. Stella K. Kantartzi joined the Department of Plant, Soil, and Agricultural Systems at Southern Illinois University Carbondale in 2008 and currently serves as Professor. She published more than 65 refereed manuscripts and six book chapters; edited one book; released five cultivars and seven germplasm lines; and awarded over $7 million in federal and state grants. She serves as an Editor or Associate Editor for high-ranking scientific journals.


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Stella Kantartzi Office: Public Policy Institute, Room 107
Phone: 618-453-1793

Khalid Meksem, Professor

Dr. Mek­sem joined the Department of Plant, Soil, and Agricultural Systems at SIU as an Assistant Professor from 2000 to 2005, then as Associ­ate Professor from 2005 to 2008, and was promoted to full Professor in 2009. He published more than 60 refereed manuscripts, 3 book chapters; Dr. Meksem edited 3 books and was awarded 4 patents on his work on disease resistance genes in potato and soybean. He serves as an editor and ad hoc reviewer for a number of international scientific journals as well as for national, federal and international granting agencies.

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Khalid Meksem Office: Public Policy Institute, Room 115
Phone: 618-453-3103 

Amir Sadeghpour, Associate Professor

Environmental Resources and Policy - Plant, Soil and Agricultural Systems

Dr. Amir Sadeghpour is an Assistant Professor of Soil Management and Integrated Cropping Systems in the Department of Plant, Soil, and Agricultural Systems at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. He earned his Ph.D. from University of Massachusetts Amherst in Plant and Soil Sciences. Prior to moving to SIU, he was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Virginia Tech, and Cornell University.

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Amir Sadeghpour

Phone: 618-453-1795