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Animal Science Faculty

Our faculty are a unique blend of researchers, educators and professionals who are proven experts in their fields. 

Amer AbuGhazaleh, Professor

Animal Science

Dr. AbuGhazaleh has a PhD in dairy science from South Dakota State University. After completing his PhD, Dr. AbuGhazaleh worked as a research scientist in the Department of Animal Science at Clemson University, South Carolina.

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Amer AbuGhazaleh

Office Phone: 618-453-1767
Office: Agriculture Building, Room 119

Gary Apgar, Professor

Animal Science

Dr. Apgar received his graduate degrees from Virginia Tech in ‘91 and ’94 in swine nutrition. 

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Gary Apgar

Office Phone: 618-453-1763
Office: Agriculture Building, Room 125

William Banz, Professor

Animal Science

Dr. Banz's specialization is in Nutrition Physiology, focusing primarily on the relationship amongst the bioactive agricultural components of functional foods, health and gene-nutrient interaction. 

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William Banz

Office Phone: 618-453-2469 
Office: Agriculture Building, Room 200

John Farrish, Assistant Professor

Dr. John Farrish is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Animal Science, Food and Nutrition. He teaches a variety of courses in Hospitality Management, including Food and Labor Cost Control and Facilities Management. Dr. Farrish had a twenty-five-year career in the hospitality industry, managing food and beverage operations in major hotels in both San Francisco and Las Vegas as well as in independent restaurants. After leaving the hospitality industry Dr. Farrish earned his Ph.D. degree at the William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

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Dr. John Farrish

Quigley Hall, 209 A
Office: 618-453-5192
Dept: 618-453-3307

Eduardo Gastal, Professor

Animal Science

Dr. Gastal’s current areas of research are ovarian folliculogenesis, reproductive physiology and endocrinology, assisted reproductive technologies, and reproductive ultrasonography with the primary goal of using the mare and the cow as research experimental models for comparative studies of ovarian function, obesity and aging in women.

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Eduardo Gastal

Office Phone: 618-453-1774 
Office: Agriculture Building, Room 129

Karen Jones, Professor

Animal Science

Dr. Jones arrived at SIUC in 1999 after completing her doctoral training at Texas A and M University.

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Karen Jones

Office Phone: 618-453-2496 
Office: Agriculture Building, Room 178

Jayakrishnan Nair, Assistant Professor

Animal Science

Dr. Jay specializes in beef cattle nutrition, forage production, and management. Research at Nair’s Lab focuses on expanding the understanding of nutrient utilization and metabolism of beef cattle, improving production efficiency, and reducing the environmental footprint of beef operations through sustainable beef production systems

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Jayakrishnan Nair Office Phone: 618-453-7105
Office: Agriculture Building, Room 115


Erin Perry, Associate Professor

Animal Science

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Erin Perry

Office Phone: 618-453-1358
Office: Agriculture Building, Room 131

Stephanie Speiser, Senior Lecturer

Animal Science

Stephanie left the family farm to pursue a career with horses.  She received her Master of Animal Science specializing in Equine Reproduction from SIU in 2000.  Prior to attending SIU, she was professionally employed in various aspects of the horse industry.

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Stephanie Speiser

Office Phone: 618-453-1773 
Office: Agriculture Building, Room 113

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