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Aerospace Studies

Aerospace Studies is a voluntary course sequence delivered in conjunction with the AFROTC program on the SIU campus. Successful completion of the AFROTC program leads to a commission as an officer in the United States Air Force. Students who do not intend to obtain a commission may enroll in the academic portion of the Aerospace Studies curriculum. Enrollment in the academic portions of the Aerospace Studies curriculum is unrestricted, and students incur no military obligation. Only those students who apply for and meet the eligibility criteria for the AFROTC program are permitted to enroll in the laboratory portions of the Aerospace Studies curriculum.

The Aerospace Studies/AFROTC program is divided into the General Military Course (GMC), designed for students with three to five years remaining until graduation, and the two-year Professional Officer Course (POC), for which AFROTC cadets are competitively selected.

Forensic Science Minor

Interested in what’s real when you see a crime drama? Want to know the science behind a true crime show? Our interdisciplinary forensic science minor will provide you with a basic understanding of the ways forensic scientists evaluate physical evidence in criminal investigations, and the legal and ethical ramifications of this work.

In this program, you will develop critical knowledge and skills for evaluating forensic evidence in law, literature and public media portrayals of forensic scientists.

Leadership Military Science Minor

Whether you are planning a career in the military or a civilian profession, our minor in leadership with a focus on military science will give you the tools you need to lead. With an emphasis on leadership and critical thinking skills, this course of study is open to all students. Students not enrolled in Army ROTC can complete this minor without incurring any type of military obligation.

When you talk to the director of Army military science, your program will be designed to meet your individual needs.