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Admissions & Audition

The admission process for the BFA musical theater program involves a two-step process, including specific application to the School of Music and an in-person audition.

This highly competitive program prides itself on providing small class sizes for its students and the audition process is a way to first shine as a star in musical theater.

SIU's Production of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Upcoming Audition Dates

January 21, 2023
Southern Illinois University

February 6–8, 2023
National Unified Auditions

February 25, 2023
Southern Illinois University

If you are unable to meet us in person, please email Angela Shultz, Director of BFA in Musical Theater, for more information about how to submit your audition.

Actor reciting monologueGuidelines for AuditionsDancer performing in studio

The in-person audition requires the preparation of two songs written for musical theater and one monologue, as well as an impromptu dance audition. Explore the three boxes below for additional information, specific details, individual descriptions, and important instructions and criteria regarding each of the audition components.


  • The monologue must be from a published play.
  • Monologues must not be from a musical, television show or movie.
  • The monologue should be at least 60, but not more than 90, seconds in length—including the slate.
  • The spoken piece must be a contemporary monologue, written after 1900.


  • One song should be a ballad and one song should be uptempo, as a contrast piece to the ballad.
  • The performance of each song should be at least 60, but not more than 90, seconds in length—including the slate.
  • You must sing with musical accompaniment, using live or prerecorded music, but a cappella singing is not allowed. Accompanist is provided.
  • One of the songs should be written before 1970; the other song should be written after 1970.


  • A dance combination will be taught and performed on the audition day.
  • It is recommended to bring appropriate athleisure or dance attire suitable for observed choreographic style and artistic movement.