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Dawn Null

Dawn Bloyd Null, Ph.D., R.D.N., L.D.N., Assistant Professor

Dr. Null is a Registered Dietitian and Health Educator with over 18 years of experience working in the field and in college health. Her eclectic background includes food distribution and menu and recipe development; health promotion program development, implementation, and evaluation; and directing and maintaining an accredited dietetics program as well as teaching at the collegiate level. Dr. Null also consults for the inland river barge industry in the areas of nutrition, health, and wellness. Health of towboat crew is a primary research interest of Dr. Null’s along with sports nutrition, and college health. Dr. Null is the Continuing Education Advisor for Registered Dietitians and Nutritionists for the American College Health Association.

SIU Food and Nutrition Dawn Null

Office: Quigley Hall, 213D
Phone: 618-453-2462


  • HND 101 Personal Nutrition
  • HND 206 Food Service Sanitation
  • HND 356 Experimental Foods
  • HND 410 Nutrition Education and Wellness
  • FN 581 Seminar


  • Ph.D. [2012], Southern Illinois University-Carbondale
  • M.S. [1995], Southern Illinois University-Carbondale
  • B.S. [1992], Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

Recent Publications and Awards

  • Morris, L., Smith,S., Davis, J., Null, D. (2016). The Prevalence of Food Security and Insecurity among Illinois University Student. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, 48(6), 376-382.

  • Null, D. (2014). Towboat Cooks: The Nutritional Gatekeepers on the River. The Waterways Journal Weekly, 127(48), 5, 34-35.

  • Moss, A., Smith, S., Null, D., & Tragoudas, U. (2013). Farm to Farm-to-School and Nutrition Education: Positively Affecting Elementary School-Aged Children's Nutrition Knowledge and Consumption Behavior. Childhood Obesity, 9(1), 51-56.​

  • Null, D. (2013). Towboat Crews Face Unique Challenges To Stay Healthy On The Tow. The Waterways Journal Weekly, 126(47), 5, 36-38.

  • Donald N. Boydston Graduate Scholarship (2012), SIU Department of Health Education and Recreation

  • Null, D. (2011). A Preliminary Study of Living and Working on the Towboat: What are the Health Implications? The Health Education Monograph Series, 28(3), 48-55.

  • Peterson, S., Duncan, D., Null, D., Roth, S., & Gill, L. (2010). Positive Changes in Perceptions and Selections of Healthful Foods by College Students After a Short-Term Point-of-Selection Intervention at a Dining Hall. Journal of American College Health, 58(5), 425-431.

  • Bliss, K., Lodyga, M., Bochantin, S., Null, D. (2010). Accuracy of Health and Wellness Messages provided by Cha Cha, the Mobile Answers Text Message Service. International Electronic Journal of Health Education, 2010; 13:49-58.

  • Outstanding Term Faculty Teacher Award for College of Agricultural Sciences (2010), Southern Illinois University Carbondale

  • New Professional of the Year (2014), Mid-America College Health Association region, presented at the American College Health Association Annual Conference, San Antonio, TX