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Cost and FAQ

ESTIMATED* 2023 Basic Costs

The cost of mandatory medical insurance has NOT been included in these figures.

  • Tuition:  *$1,927.50 (you will pay tuition on-line after you register for the course)
  • Study Abroad Fee:  $150.00
  • Transportation Fee:  $900.00
  • Room and Board at YBRA and University of Montana-Western:  $1,650.00 (these fees will be based on actual costs)

Total Costs:  $4,627.50

Notes concerning costs:

  1. *Tuition is for Illinois residents and non-residents and is based on six semester-hours credit. Fees for items or services other than transportation are not charged for this course. SIU students pay a lower tuition depending on the year they enrolled at the university.
  2. The total basic cost estimate does NOT include the price of travel to Red Lodge Montana, mandatory medical insurance, camping equipment, personal items, entertainment, and meals not provided by YBRA and UM-W. Costs for meals while traveling away from YBRA and Dillon, MT can vary widely depending on whether students prepare meals at the campsite or purchase meals in restaurants. In the latter case, students may spend $35.00 or more per day for 9 -12 days of travel.

Financial Assistance

Department Stipends: Operation of the course relies on students volunteering to drive vans, assist in moving course equipment, cleaning common areas, and other responsibilities as identified by the instructors. The Geology Program is able to provide a stipend for a limited number of students interested in volunteering for these duties. Student drivers must have a valid driver's license, good driving record, confidence in driving 8-passenger vans on mountain and gravel roads and be available for the duration of the course. Students should express their interest in volunteering upon applying to the field course.

Scholarships and Loans: Students may apply for financial aid through their university and, if necessary, SIU will certify an individual's enrollment in the course.

Frequently Asked Questions