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SIU Cybersecurity

A dynamic tech career. An in-demand job market.

Cybersecurity experts are in high demand. And not just in IT. If you know cybersecurity, you have job security. And earning potential. Every application download, every database and computer network is vulnerable to hackers and cybercrime. As a cybersecurity expert, you could safeguard personal financial or health information, help provide a secure environment for economic growth, or even solve crime. Cybersecurity is critical to the public and private sectors, to national security, and to maintaining our way of life. It’s a future-proof career with never-ending opportunity.

Bachelor's Program

With this bachelor’s degree, you will be prepared for immediate entry into a cybersecurity job in any field requiring data security and protection. This program is also a solid foundation for those wanting to go on to a graduate program, which can increase earning potential and career versatility. 

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate

Consider this certificate a degree-booster that you can gain in just one academic year. The required 12 credit ours focus on secure cloud computing, physical systems security and cyber forensics. Electives can include independent research or specific topics such as social computing and cyber intelligence and cybersecurity metrics. 

Master's Program

A Master of Science (M.S.) in Cybersecurity and Cyber Systems from SIU is designed for those holding a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, Information Technology, or equivalent. Coursework includes successful completion of three core competencies before selecting a focus of either Cybersecurity or Cyber Systems.