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Bachelor of Science in Accounting

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Our accounting program ranks among the best in the country. The program is among the top one percent of the accounting programs in the nation that hold accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International (AACSB) for both the college and the accounting program.

All of the “Big 4” accounting firms, several regional and local public firms, multiple government agencies, and many top private companies recruit our students. That’s because our flexible curriculum, research opportunities, and instruction from world-class faculty well prepare our graduates for the challenges of an accounting career in business, in non-profit organizations or elsewhere. Among the principal career options are public accounting (Certified Public Accountants), corporate accounting, not-for-profit accounting, and other business consulting or careers in finance and accounting.

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Degree Requirements

The Accounting degree program can be earned by fulfilling the requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree.

  • Total Degree Requirements: 120 credit hours
  • University Core Curriculum: 39 credit hours
  • Professional Business Core: 47 credit hours
  • Major Requirements: 30 credit hours
  • Electives: 4 credit hours

Compass IconCheck out the undergraduate Curricular Guide, which helps you outline what courses you would want to take each semester for all four years. View all related undergraduate courses.


Students looking to better understand the financial side of a new venture or just wanting to better understand day-to-day business operations, may bolster their skills with a minor in accountancy.


SIU also offers an Undergraduate Certificate in Accounting, a 30-credit program for individuals who want intensive study in accounting without fulfilling all of the requirements for a bachelor's degree.

Online Option

SIU’s online bachelor’s degree in accounting is designed to fit the lifestyles of those who are not able to come to campus. Whether you are a busy professional, stay at home parent, or student, the program is designed for those looking to take classes at their own pace. We are the only Illinois public university offering an accredited online accounting completion option qualifying graduates to take the CPA exam. And, we also offer an online Master of Accountancy program for those who want to continue their accounting studies.

Our online program consist of approximately 64 credit hours of coursework (22 courses) that can be completed in 18 to 24 months. Each course runs for 8 weeks so you can focus on two classes at a time while still completing four courses each semester. If that is too much for your schedule, take one course at a time – this program is designed to be flexible. The 8-week modular format is structured to allow you to complete the work at your convenience.

Our team of instructors, teaching assistants, and program staff work to prepare and deliver course materials and provide support to make the program work for you. You will have a dedicated teaching assistant and any needed assistance with course content is just an email or phone call away.

Compass IconCheck out the undergraduate Online Curricular Guide, which helps you outline what courses you would want to take each semester.


Students benefit by working in companies and other organizations within the scope of their academic pursuits through an internship or externship. Even limited opportunities can provide invaluable insight for personal growth. Internships expand students’ knowledge about the industry, refine career aspirations, and expand their professional network. Students become more independent and self-confident while learning the particulars of their chosen careers.

Our students are encouraged to participate in multiple internships either with the same company or different companies while they complete their degrees. Our program is designed to encourage and support our students to accomplish this. We provide our accounting majors with multiple opportunities to visit with firms and companies which helps to secure an internship. Students have the option of enrolling in the 3-credit Internship course, allowing them to receive course credit while they complete their internship. Our program also has courses available to students completing internships to allow them to continue their course work while they are away from campus learning from an internship. And, most internships are paid, allowing the student to earn money while gaining valuable experience.

The Extern Program is a partnership between the Career Development Center and Alumni Association providing students with professional experience in their chosen career fields. Students are matched with SIU alumni and friends in a variety of careers across the country. Externships are unpaid one-week career preparation and exploration experiences for current students in their third semester at SIU.

Student Organizations

Our students are encouraged to seek out organizations made up of their peers, learn about goals and strengths, as well as discover ways to improve skills in organizing, generating ideas, or serving others. Such self-awareness is beneficial in career growth. The School of Accountancy has four student organizations specifically for accounting majors.


The College of Business and Analytics and the School of Accountancy supports its students through every step of their educational pursuit.

The college has many need and merit-based scholarships available exclusively to business students. In addition, the school also has many need and merit-based scholarships available exclusively to accounting students.

Study Abroad

The SIU College of Business and Analytics has a well-established, one-month study abroad program in France with our partner school, Grenoble Graduate School of Business. This program occurs from mid-May to mid-June every year.


SIU’s program is among the top one percent of the accounting offerings in the nation that hold accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International for both the college and the accounting program.

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Living and Learning

At SIU, many students from the College of Business and Analytics live in a residential setting known as Living and Learning Communities (LLCs). These provide a space and a structure for people to align around a shared goal. Research indicates that students who participate in an LLC often have higher GPAs and are more likely to graduate on schedule. As students of The School of Accountancy you will also have the opportunity to participate in a Freshman Interest Group (FIG) within the LLC which is focus on helping our students and become members and leaders in the accounting student organizations earlier in their college experience. Learn more about LLCs and FIG on our School Site.

Accounting Group

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Contact Information

For more information about the program or to request information, contact:

Patricia Burns
On-Campus Academic Advisor
Rehn Hall 127A
1025 Lincoln Dr.
Carbondale, IL 62901

Kim Little
Online Academic Advisor
Director Online Student Services
Rehn Hall 114
1025 Lincoln Dr.
Carbondale, IL 62901

Marcus Odom
Program Director
Rehn Hall 232
1025 Lincoln Dr.
Carbondale, IL 62901


SIU is has a national reputation for educating top-flight accountants. All “Big 4” accounting firms and many top private companies recruit our students; 79% of internship students have full-time accounting jobs by graduation and 92% of bachelor’s degree students and nearly 100% of our master’s students find degree-related employment – often before they’ve even graduated!


The SIU College of Business and Analytics faculty and staff pride themselves on providing top-quality services to their students. Whether you are a prospective or current student, we are here to serve you.

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