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Fermentation Science

SIU group of Wheat, Barley and Hops

The Fermentation Science program is a comprehensive program that encompasses much more than just the production of beer. With a holistic approach to fermentation, our program focuses not only on technical brewing and wine making science but also fermented foods, biotechnology, yeast science, quality control and processing methods.

With the growing demand for fermentation scientists, this degree allows you to gain a fundamental scientific understanding of fermentation while working in our fully operational facilities to develop and manufacture fermented products.

As one of just a few universities in the country with a fermentation science program, the FSI provides hands-on, technical training in state of-the-art facilities. With a teaching kitchen, barley production fields, formal sensory labs and laboratories for malting, brewing and distilling, you will be uniquely prepared for a career in this rapidly growing industry. Degrees in brewing and beyond are at your fingertips with the FSI's many fermentation fields of study.

Bachelor's Program

A Bachelor of Science in Fermentation Science from SIU provides you with a comprehensive education to allow your dreams to grow into a reality. With courses offered in the principles of fermentation in food and beverages, production and chemistry as well as industrial fermentation, quality control and sensory science, our modern approach to this ancient practice will allow you to find a successful and rewarding career in one of the numerous areas of fermentation science.

Fermentation Science Institute (FSI)

The Fermentation Science Institute (FSI) at SIU is a truly unique program with world class facilities and faculty members devoted to teaching the science, safety, culture, production and history of fermentation science. The FSI is not part of another program or department but has an institute devoted solely to the study of fermentation. We offer a four-year degree that will set you apart from others in this field with an interdisciplinary education in fermentation science.

Recognized by Brew Masters Association of the Americas

The Fermentation Science Institute at SIU is just one of seven fermentation science programs in the United States recognized by the MBAA. The MBAA is a highly respected organization in the world of brewing and this recognition sets our program apart from other universities and colleges. The FSI is proud to be a part of the MBAA and their dedication to the advancement of the brewing industry.

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