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Ruplal Choudhary

Ruplal Choudhary, Professor

Agricultural Systems and Education

Dr. Choudhary is a Food and Bioprocess Engineer with over 20 years of academic and industrial experience in design and development of food processing equipment and operations. Before moving to SIU, he was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Manitoba, and South Dakota State University.

Dr. Choudhary also worked as a senior faculty member of Dairy Engineering Division at the National Dairy Research Institute Karnal, and as a Scientist at the Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering Bhopal, India.

Specialization area: Food Engineering Technology, Postharvest Horticulture and Agricultural Systems.

Ruplal Choudhary

Office: Agriculture Building, Room 158-C
Phone: 618-453-6985

Special Interests

Dr. Choudhary is interested in improving safety and quality of foods such as dairy, soy and fruits and vegetables. The food safety research includes removal of microbial pathogens as well as mitigation of food allergy using the state of the art nonthermal processing technologies such as germicidal ultraviolet light, nonthermal plasma, power ultrasound and nanotechnology. Near infrared spectroscopy and color machine vision systems are used for rapid sensing of safety, quality and defects in food products. 


  • AGSE/PSAS 473: Agricultural Automation
  • AGSE/PSAS 483: Agricultural Processing Systems
  • AGSE/PSAS 488: Food Processing Technology
  • AGSE/PSAS 495: Food and Pharma Packaging
  • PSAS 555: Nanotechnology for Agricultural and Food Industries


  • Ph.D. [2004], Biosystems Engineering, Oklahoma State University
  • M.Tech., Dairy and Food Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
  • B.Tech., J.N. Agricultural University, Jabalpur, India

Recent Publications


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Book Chapter

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