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Paula Croom

Paula Croom, Instructor

Public Safety Management

Teaching at SIU since 1998.


M.A., Applied Business, University of Maryland
B.A., Economics, Carnegie Mellon University


  • ISAT366/TRM316 Application of Technical Writing
  • EST441 Professional Development
  • Independent Studies for AVM
  • AVM300 Introduction to Aviation Management Research
  • AVM349 Reading in Aviation Management
  • AVM401 Analysis of Issues in the Aviation Industry
  • AVM-450 Management Problems in the Aviation Industry
  • Independent Studies for EST
  • EST300 Introduction to Electronic Systems Technologies Research
  • EST314 Ethic and Legal Issues in IT
  • EST351 Comparison and Contrast Matrix
  • EST450 Management Problems in the Electronic Industry
  • PSM407 Emergency Services Public Information

Phone: 618-453-7277