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Alfred Frankowski

Alfred Frankowski, Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies


Alfred Frankowski specializes in Critical Philosophy of Race, African American and Africana Philosophy, Aesthetics, Post-Colonialism and Critical Genocide Studies. He also specializes in19th and 20th Century European Philosophy, Environmental Philosophy and Contemporary Global Political Philosophy.

He publishes articles on cultural memory and aesthetics, and racial and gender violence and genocide and ecocide. He is author of The Post-Racial Limits of Memorialization: Toward a Political Sense of Mourning (2015) and co-editor of Rethinking Genocide in Africa and the African Diaspora (2021). He is also co-editor of Radical Philosophy Review: Remembering Charles W. Mills (2022). His current project explores the spatial legacies of lynching violence. 

Ph.D., University of Oregon, 2012

Alfred Frankowski

Faner, Room 3331
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