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Humanities and Social Sciences

SIU German Students translating Holocaust Book
Celebrate the diversity of the world through our humanities and social sciences programs. You can choose to study one of many cultures or languages offered as well as anthropology, history, political science, sociology and more.
Below you can find the program you are interested in and the degrees, minors, and online options offered for that program. You will see some programs have specializations (for undergraduate programs)/ concentrations (for graduate programs) listed. These are focused areas of study.
Program Bachelor's Master's Doctoral Minor Online
Africana Studies BS    
  • Africana Studies
Ancient Practices minor
  • Ancient Practices
Anthropology BA MA PhD
  • Anthropology
Creative Writing   MFA      
Criminology and Criminal Justice BA MA PhD
  • Criminology and Criminal Justice
English BA, BS MA PhD
  • English
Creative Writing BA      
Literature BA MA      
Preprofessional BA      
Rhetoric and Composition MA      
Global Studies minor      
  • Global Studies
Historical Studies     PhD  
History BA,BS MA
  • History
History Honors BA,BS        
Languages, Cultures,
International Studies
  • American Sign Language
  • Chinese
  • Classical Civilization
  • East Asian Civilization
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • International Studies
  • Japanese
  • Latin
  • Mythology
  • Spanish
African and Middle Eastern Studies BA        
Asian and South Pacific Studies BA        
Classics BA        
East Asian Language and Culture BA        
European Studies BA        
Foreign Language and International Trade BA        
French, German, or Spanish BA        
Latin American and Caribbean Studies BA        
Languages, Literatures, and Cultures   MA      
Spanish   MA      
Latino and Latin American Studies minor      
  • Latino and Latin American Studies
Linguistics BA MA  
  • Linguistics
Native American Studies minor      
  • Native American Studies
Peace Studies minor      
  • Peace Studies
Philosophy BA MA PhD    
Political Science BA MA PhD
  • Political Science
International Affairs BA        
Pre-Law BA        
Public Service BA        
Sociology BA MA PhD
  • Sociology
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages   MA      
University Studies BA, BS     BA, BS
Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies minor or certificate   Certificate  
  • Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies