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student in early education classroom
We prepare our students to be successful in careers as teachers, child care workers, social workers, school and community counselors and administrators at schools, colleges and universities.

Child and Family Services

Your care and support can change lives. Understanding what resources are available and how to connect those in need can get families and children back on their feet. This fulfilling career requires empathy, communication, tact, and strong listening skills.

Curriculum and Instruction

Learning and teaching can be easy and fun. Delve into research, strategies, and creative and innovative teaching techniques. Through practice and theory, students learn to design invigorating curricula for all ages and abilities.

Early Childhood Educationonline-option.png

Self-esteem, and social and cognitive skills develop at a young age. Early childhood is a critical time of growth and educators play a major role. Teachers nurture, guide, and encourage students to learn about themselves and the world around them.


For those who think you cannot change the future, here is your chance. Our education program offers career paths in primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions and special education. We provide tools for success to make a difference today and tomorrow.

Educational Administration

Can you see the big picture and put the pieces in place? Educational administrators are leaders who oversee entire institutions. They work with district administrators and teachers to assure necessary resources are available to promote a healthy learning environment.

Elementary Education

The building blocks of education begin here; grades one through six. Molding the adults of tomorrow is a huge, yet rewarding responsibility. Our program prepares students to teach in self-contained classrooms, departmentalized, and team teaching environments.

Higher Education

Helping to develop future professionals is a profound experience. Our program provides an understanding of the importance, purpose, and organization of higher education. Career paths include leadership positions in higher education institutions and public and private agencies.

Special Education

Everyone deserves to be heard and understood. It can be frustrating for those with disabilities and developmental delays when they are expected to learn using conventional methods. Our program prepares you to understand and educate those with special needs.

Teacher Education

Educators are essential and inspirational. We help you gain confidence and knowledge to truly enjoy your career. For those with a passion for education, our program has it all - diverse courses and hands-on experience for future teachers and education-related professions.

Organizational Learning, Innovation, and Developmentonline-option.png

Confident, content employees lead to better production and increased profits – everyone wins. Learn to help both employers and employees excel at their jobs through education and training. With your direction, workers gain enhanced job security and often increased earnings.

Below you can find the program you are interested in and the degrees, minors, and online options offered for that program. You will see some programs have specializations (for undergraduate programs)/ concentrations (for graduate programs) listed. These are focused areas of study.
Program Bachelor's Master's Doctoral Minor Online
Child and Family Services BS    
  • Child and Family Services
College Teaching certificate   Certificate      
Counseling And Rehabilitation Education   MS    
Curriculum and Instruction   MSED, MAT      
Early Childhood Education BS        
Education     PhD    
Curriculum and Instruction     PhD    
Educational Administration     PhD    
Organizational Learning, Innovation, and Development     PhD    
Educational Administration   MSED, Certificate EdD    
Higher Education EdD
School Leadership EdD
Special Education EdD
Elementary Education BS        
Higher Education   MSED      
College Student Personnel   MSED      
Community College Teaching   MSED      
Quantitative Methods certificate   Certificate      
Special Education BS      
Teacher Education Programs BA, BFA, BS MAT    
Organizational Learning, Innovation, and Development  BS MSED  
  • Organizational Learning, Innovation, and Development
Organizational Training and Development BS