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Communication and Media Programs

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Whether your passion is in cinema, radio, television, journalism or esports, our curriculum allows you to focus on your interests while also exploring opportunities across disciplines.

Program Summary | Degrees Offered


Our Cinema bachelor’s degree program includes minors in Animation, Visual and Screen Cultures, and a specialization in Media Arts. You’ll learn practical, do-it-to-learn-it, hands-on skills. And you’ll learn cinema theory to help you understand not only where the discipline came from, but where it’s going.

Communication Studies

Communication Studies explores how society exchanges information across different platforms, and how those interactions affect us. Our wide range of specializations in the bachelor’s program give you career options from corporate to community level. For those interested in advanced studies, we offer master’s and doctoral degrees.

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You can try your hand at news writing, sports media, photojournalism and advertising in this practical, hands-on bachelor’s degree program. Workshops, projects and publication opportunities – including the Daily Egyptian, SIU’s student newspaper -- round out the expert instruction you’ll receive from professionally experienced faculty.

Mass Communications and Media Arts

After earning a bachelor’s degree in a Communication and Media program, a wide array of career opportunities await students who are passionate about the application and effects of communication through media. With all platforms of communication currently at our fingertips, the study of mass communications is essential to the upcoming generation of professionals in cinema, radio, television, and digital media and journalism. Master’s degree and PhD programs are available for students wishing to expand career opportunities or become researchers and faculty.

Radio, Television, and Digital Media

Digital media. Radio. Television. Electronic journalism and sports news. This program prepares you for careers behind or in front of the camera. For sound and music engineering careers. For the digital journalism frontier. You’ll learn technical skills and understand theory for a solid career-focused degree.

Below you can find the program you are interested in and the degrees, minors, and online options offered for that program. You will see some programs have specializations (for undergraduate programs)/ concentrations (for graduate programs) listed. These are focused areas of study.
Program Bachelor's Master's Doctoral Minor Online
Cinema BA    
  • Cinema
  • Animation
  • Visual and Screen Cultures
Communication Studies BS MA PhD
  • Communication Studies
Public Relations BS        
Journalism BS    
  • Journalism
News-Editorial BS        
Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications BS        
Photojournalism BS        
Sports Media BS        
Journalism and Mass Communication BS        
Mass Communications and Media Arts   MA, MS, MFA PhD    
Radio, Television, and Digital Media BA    
  • Game Design and Development
  • Television Studies
Digital Media Arts and Animation BA        
Electronic Journalism BA        
Electronic Sports Media BA        
Media Industries BA        
Production: Radio/Audio BA        
Production: Television/Video Production BA