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Within the economics major, students can specialize in different fields, including international economics, financial economics, and law & economics. These focused areas are rapidly increasing in importance as the world becomes more interdependent and as more people hold financial portfolios.

With different specializations and foundations, students have great flexibility to augment their economic training with courses that meet particular interests in areas such as business, political science, or journalism. Students can thus combine their economics degree with other disciplines to pursue a wide range of careers and interests.

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Financial Economics

The study of financial economics helps students understand the forces that drive financial markets, and provides the tools to assess their impacts. It provides a framework for analyzing how individuals, families, businesses, and governments make financial decisions and face trade-offs along the way.  View the Financial Economics curricular guide. (PDF)

General Economics

The study of economics helps people understand the world around them. It enables you to understand people, businesses, markets, and governments, and therefore better respond to the threats and opportunities that emerge when things change. View the General Economics curricular guide. (PDF)

International Economics

International economics is the field that deals with economic interactions among nations. Students of this field analyze these interactions, which helps to assess economic and political events and their implications for the international trade for goods and services, finance, and foreign investment. View the International Economics curricular guide. View the International Economics curricular guide. (PDF)

Law and Economics

The economics major with a specialization in law and economics combines the two disciplines, integrating both legal and economic knowledge. View the Law and Economics curricular guide. (PDF)

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