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Master of Science in Business Analytics

Analytics and Artificial Intelligence have arrived, comprising a significant and ever-increasing component of today’s complex business environment. Businesses have the capability to collect seemingly unlimited amounts of data, but what does one do with all this data? That’s what business analytics is all about – knowing how to turn volumes of data into usable information to make better business decisions.

Our Master of Science in Business Analytics is a comprehensive 100% online program that prepares students for management and executive data-based decision making careers. As data becomes more complex, you need more advanced analytics to make sense of it. SIU’s Master of Business Analytics has what few other programs have: artificial intelligence. Our students learn to apply leading-edge analytics and artificial intelligence techniques to find and solve business problems and arrive at the best business solutions. Our students have the business knowledge and the technical analytical / AI skills that are critical in today’s world.

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Degree Requirements (100% Online)

The Business Analytics degree program is accomplished by fulfilling the requirements for the Master of Science degree.

  • Total Degree Requirements: 36 credit hours
  • Core Business Courses: 12 credit hours
  • Core Analytics Courses: 21 credit hours
  • One Discipline-Specific Course: 3 credit hours

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The Analytics for Managers Certificate is for executives, managers, or those on a management track who want to add analytics to their current skillset. We understand that with your extensive business experience, a full MBA program might not be the ideal fit for your career advancement.

Our specialized certificate is tailored to complement your existing knowledge and expertise, providing a strong analytics foundation that will empower you to effectively analyze current and future business challenges. Gain the skills to collaborate seamlessly with your organization's data scientists, ensuring maximum efficiency in utilizing their analytical models to make data-driven decisions that drive success.

Even more, our Analytics for Managers Certificate doesn't just stop at enhancing your capabilities; it opens doors to further academic pursuits. As an added benefit, the completion of this program allows you to count these credits towards a post-Baccalaureate degree, propelling you even closer to your long-term career aspirations.

Compass IconThe Analytics for Managers Certificate is accomplished by fulfilling the requirements for the Certificate program..


Dubbed by the Harvard Business Review as the “sexiest job of the 21st century,” the U.S.Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported a 16 percent growth in jobs in the sector since 2016.

If you want to get your foot in the exciting data science career door, a master’s in business analytics and big data can help get you there. Some of the most common jobs in the field include data scientist, business analyst, data analyst, digital strategy manager/consultant, and business data analyst.

The Pontikes Center

The Pontikes Center for Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence is a first of its kind. This unique virtual think tank combines big data and analytics with artificial intelligence to create optimum data impact.

The Pontikes Center brings together industry leaders and top academic researchers to develop a program that anticipates and solves industry needs using a powerful combination of big data, analytics, and artificial intelligence. The Pontikes Center Board of Advisors helps shape the courses offered to assure the coursework incorporates the knowledge and training students need to positively impact businesses as they learn. 

Contact Information

For more information or for advisement questions, contact:

Nicholas Hoffman,
Coordinator of Assessment and Online Graduate Programs

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1025 Lincoln Dr
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Phone: 618-453-3023

Kevin Sylwester,

Rehn Hall 138 A
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