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Agriculture Programs

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Our classrooms include 2,000-acres of university farms featuring crop and animal production, an equine center, greenhouses and the Shawnee National Forest, plus access to specialized farming knowledge featuring Southern Illinois’ wine and fruit country.

Agribusiness Economics

There will never be a time people do not rely on agriculture - so job security is not an issue with agribusiness. You will learn sustainable and cost-effective ways to produce and distribute food, fiber, and fuels, being mindful of our agricultural resources and the people who need them.

Agricultural Sciences

Advance your agricultural career with a Doctor of Philosophy degree with SIU’s comprehensive graduate program in Agricultural Sciences. You will gain expansive knowledge and experience in biological, social, and physical sciences through research and hands-on application. Use your Ph.D. to play an integral part in policy making, education, planning, or research.

Agricultural Systems and Education

Stay on the cutting edge in today’s farming and agriculture industries with a degree in this innovative field. You will learn technology in agriculture, biotechnology, power equipment, genetics, food engineering technology and more. We also offer this as a minor to add versatility to your degree and put you above the rest. 

Animal Sciences

If you love animals; this is the path for you! You’ll embark on a range of life science studies and hands-on experience to prepare you for a rewarding career. Choose to specialize in livestock production, equine science, or pre-veterinary medicine.

Crop, Soil and Environmental Management

If you are interested in plants and all it takes to produce an amazing crop year after year, look no further. Learn about ecosystems as a whole and each of the vital aspects necessary for success. This will prepare you for a wide range of careers, from greenhouses to golf course management, and with government agencies.

Fermentation Science

Beer, wine, distilleries, industrial fermentation, and fermented foods and drinks require acute precision. Our real-world curriculum and research lab will fortify your production and analytical skills, and put you on the fast track for a successful career in these budding industries.


With our ever-growing population, there is an intense need for the analysis, management, and conservation of our natural resources. Pair our experienced educators with the natural classroom of the Shawnee National Forest—and take away an education leading to a rewarding career caring for Mother Nature and making a real difference on this earth.


Delve into the science and art of plants with instruction and hands-on experience in landscape, turf management, and plant production. Careers in horticulture range from private landscape design to government agencies and even learning how to develop crops that thrive in challenging environments.

Plant, Soil, and Agricultural Systems

In this diverse field of study, you explore soil science, ecosystem management, plant genetics, ag technology, environmental impacts on agriculture, and more. Take your skills in almost any direction with this dynamic and practical course of study.

Below you can find the program you are interested in and the degrees, minors, and online options offered for that program. You will see some programs have specializations (for undergraduate programs)/ concentrations (for graduate programs) listed. These are focused areas of study.
Program Bachelor's Master's Doctoral Minor Online
Agribusiness Economics BS MS  
  • Agribusiness Economics
Agribusiness Economics  MS      
Agricultural Services  MS      
Agricultural Sciences     PhD     
Agricultural Systems and Education BS    
  • Agricultural Systems and Education
  • Agricultural Education
  • Food and Process Engineering Technology
Agricultural Systems Tech Management BS        
Agricultural Education BS        
Agricultural Production Management BS        
Agricultural Communications BS        
General Agriculture BS        
Food & Process Engineering Technology BS        
Animal Science BS  MS  
  • Animal Science
  • Equine Studies
Production BS        
Equine Science BS        
Pre-Veterinary Medicine BS        
Companion Animal Nutrition Certificate        
Crop, Soil and Environmental Management (CSEM) BS    
  • Crop, Soil, & Environmental Management
  • Crop Breeding,Genetics and Biotechnology
Crop Production & Mgmt.- General BS        
Crop Production & Mgmt.- Science BS        
Soil Science- General BS        
Soil Science- Science BS        
Fermentation Science BS        
Forestry BS  MS      
Forest Hydrology BS        
Forest Resources Management BS        
Forest Recreation and Park management BS        
Urban Forest Management BS        
Wildlife Habitat Management & Conservation BS        
Horticulture BS    
  • Horticulture
Production Horticulture- General BS        
Production Horticulture- Science BS        
Landscape Horticulture BS        
Turf Grass Management BS        
Intensive Controlled-Environment Plant Production Certificate
Plant, Soil, and Agricultural Systems   MS       
Crop Science   MS      
Soil Science   MS      
Horticultural Science   MS