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Joe Calvert

Joe Calvert, Program Director

Paralegal Studies

Joe Calvert is a 1996 graduate of New York Law School. He has law licenses in the States of New York, Tennessee, and Connecticut. While the managing attorney of a multi-State law firm in New York, California, Tennessee, Arizona, and Connecticut, Joe Calvert began his teaching career at Syracuse University and subsequently had the opportunity to teach at several other colleges and universities including the University of California, Irvine and The State University of New York.

As an attorney, Professor Calvert has provided a wide array of legal services to variety of individuals and businesses ranging from Fortune 500 companies to assisting abused and neglected children for the New York State Department of Social Services and the Tennessee Juvenile Justice Program. Joe has been interviewed by a variety of publications including Forbes, Crain’s Business Week, and Wired on intellectual property law.