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Humanities Minors

American Studies

The American Studies minor offers undergraduates a unique platform for exploring the diverse facets of American life. Guided by faculty from an array of academic backgrounds, students delve into the intricate social, political, artistic, and economic elements that shape the American experience. The program also introduces students to a multi-disciplinary lens for examining American society.

Global Studies

The Global Studies Minor is an interdisciplinary program designed to broaden undergraduates' worldviews, enhance their understanding of various cultures, and foster lifelong curiosity about global matters. As our world becomes more interconnected in areas such as economics, politics, migration, media, climate, and culture, this minor aims to equip students with the skills to comprehend international events and issues from diverse cultural perspectives. With this academic foundation, students are well-prepared for a multitude of careers that have a global focus.

Latino and Latin American Studies

The Latino and Latin American Studies minor is a multi-disciplinary program aimed at deepening undergraduates' knowledge of Latino culture within the U.S. as well as the diverse cultures of Latin America. Requiring a minimum of 15 credit hours, the minor offers flexible course options, enabling students to tailor their studies according to their own interests. Through this academic journey, students can equip themselves for a range of career paths, including but not limited to teaching, public service, journalism, healthcare, business, law, and the arts.

Native American

The Native American Studies minor is a cross-disciplinary program aimed at enriching undergraduates' perspectives on the diverse cultures, histories, languages, literatures, and arts of the Native Peoples across the Americas. The minor requires a minimum of 18 credit hours, selected from a range of university courses to align with each student's unique interests. Completing this minor equips students for various career paths, including roles in education, public service, journalism, healthcare, business, law, and the arts, among others.

Peace Studies

The Peace Studies minor offers an interdisciplinary framework for undergraduates to explore the roots of conflict and the dynamics of war and peace. With a requirement of at least 18 credit hours, the program is flexible, allowing students to personalize their studies based on their interests. This academic path provides a strong foundation for a variety of career opportunities, such as roles in education, public service, journalism, legal fields, non-profit sectors, and non-governmental organizations, as well as the arts.