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M.S. Organizational Learning, Innovation, and Development

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Our masters program is designed to prepare you for instructional, training and administrative positions in various fields such as career and technical education, business, industry, government and military. With this advanced degree, you can position yourself for leadership and consulting roles or break into entrepreneurship opportunities.

You’ll gain grant writing opportunities as well as chances to participate and present research at conferences. You’ll have numerous chances to get involved in research projects that improve human performance and learning. You’ll focus on instruction and learning fundamentals, program development, assessments and supervision, and innovation in administration.

Program Requirements

You have six calendar years to complete the degree. Calculated from initial enrollment to completion of all degree requirements including any document that must be approved by the Graduate School. This time limit includes courses taken either at SIU or elsewhere. All students must remain registered until completion of their degrees.

Online Option

Our program offers you the flexibility to balance your studies with work and other commitments. It features a mix of synchronous and asynchronous learning to allow you to collaborate and engage with peers from diverse career backgrounds and also access course materials and participate in discussions at your own convenience without needing to adhere to overly strict class schedules and meetings. This format enables you to interact with peers and instructors to develop and engage in unique-problem solving opportunities while building professional networks with people across the country, or even the world, that last beyond graduation.

Thesis Track

  • OLID Thesis track requires a minimum of 32 semester hours of course work. In this track you’ll be required to complete a thesis paper.
  • You’ll work under the close supervision of a committee of at least three graduate faculty members.
  • You’ll will complete an oral exam that presents your work and shows your comprehension of the materials you’ve learned in the program.
  • This track counts for 3-6 semester hours of credit towards your degree depending on your committee’s recommendation.

Non-thesis Track

  • OLID Non-Thesis track requires a minimum of 36 semester hours of course work. In this track you’ll be required to complete a research paper that clearly shows your knowledge of research techniques.
  • You’ll work closely under the supervision of an individual graduate faculty member.
  • You will complete an oral exam that presents your research paper and discusses your comprehensive knowledge of the materials you’ve learned.
  • This track counts for 3 semester hours of credit towards your degree upon successful completion.

Graduate Assistantships

We offer a limited number of graduate assistantships each year. As a GA, your work can help you pay for college tuition while gaining valuable skills essential for career success. Here’s what you might do as an OLID GA:

  • Teach Undergraduate technology and business communications courses.
  • Help support faculty funded research and grant research activities.
  • Manage courses as a member of the Independent Study Management Team (ISMT). You’ll help to facilitate undergraduate distance learning courses for our off-campus degree program.

If you are confident in your instructional abilities, have strong writing and communications skills, have experience with taking or designing online courses, or have military service experience you should apply!

Contact Information

For more information on our program or for advisement questions, contact:

Ahmed Al-Asfour,
Associate Professor, Advisor
Wham 222L
625 Wham Dr.
Carbondale, IL 62901

Christian Loh,
Professor, Advisor
Wham 323 F
625 Wham Dr.
Carbondale, IL 62901