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Jianhong Xu

Jianhong Xu, Associate Professor

Environmental Resources and Policy - Mathematics


Professor; Ph.D., University of Connecticut, 2003.

Research Interests

Numerical analysis, matrix computations, parallel algorithms, matrix theory and applications.

Selected Publications

  1. Generalized λ-Newton inequalities revisited, Journal of Inequalities in Pure and Applied Mathematics, 10 (2009), Art. 19.
  2. Markov chain small-world model with asymmetric transition probabilities, Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra, 17 (2008), 616-636.
  3. Transition matrices for well-conditioned Markov chains, Linear Algebra and Its Applications, 424 (2007), 118-131 (with S. Kirkland and M. Neumann).
  4. A note on Newton and Newton-like inequalities for M-matrices and for Drazin inverses of M-Matrices, Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra, 15 (2006), 314-328 (with M. Neumann).
  5. Matrix analysis of a Markov chain small-world model, Linear Algebra and Its Applications, 409 (2005), 126-146 (with M. Catral and M. Neumann).
  6. Convexity and elasticity of the growth rate in size-classified population models, SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications, 26 (2004), 170-185 (with S. Kirkland and M. Neumann).
Jianhong Xu

Office: Neckers 387
Phone: 618-453.6561